It’s all about balance when it comes to the amount of water that you should drink

We’ve all heard that we’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day, right? I’m guessing that few of us actually do that and probably even fewer of us count the glasses that we do drink. Generally speaking, I think most of us drink water or another beverage that has water in it, when we’re thirsty. And we don’t drink anything when we’re not thirsty.

Maybe if we knew the real reasons we’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water each day, we would make it a higher priority in our lives. I found six important reasons for drinking plenty of water each day, and I want to share them with you here.

• The water inside you, which makes up about 60 percent of your body, serves a variety of purposes. It helps your circulation, creates saliva, helps digest your food, helps maintain body temperature and moves nutrients around to where they should be. Drinking plenty of water maintains the proper balance of fluids that your body needs to function the way it is supposed to.

• Drinking water can lower your calorie intake and reduce your weight. This occurs when you’re thirsty (drinking water instead of beverages with calories) and when you’re hungry (drinking more water than usual and eating less food than usual, or eating food with high water content).

• Drinking water can energize your muscles. Your cells need a good balance of fluids and electrolytes. When they don’t get it, you experience muscle fatigue. It’s especially important to drink plenty of water before and during exercise because that’s when you lose fluids and electrolytes through sweating.

• Drinking water helps your skin look better. When people start to get dehydrated, you can see it in their skin, which appears dry and wrinkled. Your skin absorbs the water you drink and can act as a barrier to fluid loss. Moisturizer on your skin can also help.

• Drinking water helps your kidneys function properly. Your kidneys do a great job of getting rid of toxins in your body, but only if enough water is flowing through them. Help your kidneys do their important job by drinking plenty of fluids.

• Drinking water helps your bowels function normally. Without enough fluids, constipation will occur. The combination of fiber in your diet and plenty of fluids should keep your bowels functioning properly.

I don’t know about you, but after going through each of those reasons for drinking water, I’m going to follow this advice better. I may not count my glasses of water each day, but I’m going to make a conscious effort to drink more.

How about you? Do you keep track of the amount of water you drink each day? Do any of these six reasons make you want to drink more? Let me know how you feel about this.


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