Tree planting is not just for tree huggers

For many years now, I’ve been proclaiming that people in Michigan know how to party. OK, that’s not technically true. I’ve never actually said that. But I’ve certainly thought it, and a recent story in the news confirms it.

A 15-year-old girl from Buchanan, Michigan won the 42nd annual International Cherry-Pit Spitting Championship in 2015 at the Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm in southwestern Michigan with a spit of just over 49 feet. Unfortunately for her, she was deprived of the overall title at this event in Eau Claire because some of her earlier-round spits were too short to qualify for the championship round. But nobody can take that “longest spit” crown away from her.

As impressive as that feat was, it still falls well short of the all-time record at this event. Back in 2003, a man spat a cherry pit more than 93 feet. I have to assume it was a wind-aided effort, but what do I know? Maybe cherry pit spitting has become a lost art in recent years and people just don’t spend as much time training for this competition as they used to.

Now, I’m guessing that very few of us have the time or desire to train for a cherry pit-spitting contest. But maybe some of us have time to plant a cherry tree or some other tree on our property. There are many reasons to consider this. Planting a tree will not only add beauty to your yard and some much-appreciated shade in the summer, but it will also provide oxygen to the air. And if it’s a fruit tree, well, it will result in plenty of healthy and delicious meals for you and your family.

Anybody can plant a tree, but doing it right will make a big difference. Among the mistakes to avoid are burying the entire root ball in a hole that was dug too deep, not watering the area enough, and planting the tree too close to a house, driveway, sidewalk or power lines.

You can find lots of great instruction on tree planting online and in your local library. Keep in mind that you only want to plant the types of trees that will flourish in the soil your property contains and in the climate where you’re located.

Have you ever planted any trees in your yard? Please take a few moments to let me know what types of trees you’ve planted and how well they’ve grown, as well as any tips you’d like to pass along about the planting and care of your tree.


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