Survival Seeds… the One Resource That Will Never Run Out

What will happen to a food stockpile that you put together from scratch? Eventually it will run out if a crisis lasts long enough.

Same with the clean drinking water you’ve stockpiled. Same with all the other essential items that you’ve stored, including flashlights, batteries, fire starters, emergency radios, etc.

But there is one resource that will never run out because it is self-producing. If you put together or acquire a substantial survival seed vault, you’ll be able to grow your own food for as long as you live. Not to mention passing along this same resource to future generations.

More Disasters Are Inevitable

We Americans have survived a number of disasters through the years, including Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, plus a variety of tornadoes, earthquakes and wildfires.

But the crisis that is still lurking around the corner might be the mother of all disasters. It could be a terrorist attack or an EMP caused by a cyber attack or massive solar flare. Or it could be a financial meltdown.

Regardless, it might be the horrible thing we’ve all been preparing for through the years. In addition to substantial supplies of food and water, we all need to stockpile heirloom, non-GMO seeds that will sustain us and our families with great tasting and nutritious food for the rest of our lives.

Get Your Survival Seed Vault

What you want to do is begin storing a wide variety of non-hybrid vegetable seeds. This stockpile, not to mention the new seeds that will accompany the plants that they produce in your garden, will enable you to feed yourself and your family forever.

In addition to keeping your stomachs full in an emergency while others are going hungry, the food you’ll grow in your garden will be less expensive, more nutritious and better tasting than the food you’re now buying from grocery stores.

Got a Garden?

If you already have a garden, you can collect seeds from your plants and save them.

When gathering those seeds, there are several steps you need to take to make sure you’re doing it properly.

Among them are timing your harvest based on the individual plant’s method of seed dispersal, cleaning the seeds and spreading them out to dry and storing them in packets or in glass jars or other containers. You also need to label the packets and containers by variety and the date, and store them in a cool or cold, dark and dry place.

Don’t Have a Garden?

If you haven’t yet established a garden, or if you just want a larger variety of seeds than have been produced by the plants you’ve grown so far, there are several ways that you can acquire those seeds.

One is to visit local seed sellers. A second method is through seed catalogs.

Seeds Are the Answer

There are a lot of scary unknowns in this world, but here are two things you can count on – there will be some kind of disaster that our government is not prepared to handle, and large corporate monopolies will continue to control the food supply.

By acquiring seeds, growing your own food and storing seeds for the future, you will place yourself in the driver’s seat. Don’t put yourself at the mercy of those who want to control you!


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