NSA surveillance on the increase

After Americans learned last year that the National Security Agency was recording all of their phone calls and reading their emails, a great uproar was heard from both conservatives and liberals.

As a result, the Obama Administration pledged greater transparency in its surveillance activities. They didn’t pledge to quit wasting taxpayers’ dollars with their non-stop spying, of course, but they did promise to reveal more of their findings.

In what looks like their first step, they’ve announced that the number of Americans whose phone records were searched under the NSA’s phone data surveillance program increased by 50 percent in 2013, according to a report by the Director of National Intelligence. But as a Fox News story pointed out, this report raises more questions than it answers.

For example, how many Americans got swept up in the process of investigating the phone calls of foreign intelligence targets? And what was done with the phone records of millions of Americans who have never been charged or even suspected of any illegal activities?

What is being done with the emails that we send back and forth to each other? Are they being read? Are they being saved to read later if necessary? Is the NSA really focusing on terrorists and potential terrorists, or is the agency too busy amassing billions of bits of information on every American citizen so that they can eventually use it if they think it’s necessary?

Why do you think the Obama Administration promised greater transparency? Do you think they are sincere about wanting to keep Americans informed, or do you think they were just stalling for time while they continued their assault on our privacy?


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