Nine-Toed Donald and the Helsinki Summit

So, the Trump-Putin Summit and the fallout.

I am more than a little disturbed about how that is playing out. I am certainly disappointed in President Trump’s performance in Helsinki, but not for any of the reasons cited by the several thousand Swamp Creatures and Media mouthpieces who simply WILL. NOT. SHUT. UP.

President Trump was set up, and he fell for it, and that is why I am disappointed. When you are in the habit of shooting from the hip – and, God knows, that is one of the President’s worst habits – you are going to shoot off a toe once in awhile. So, now he is down to nine.

But what would you rather have? A President who talks a good game but accomplishes nothing and merely maintains the status quo like W? Or a President who talks a lot of elegant trash while flushing America down the toilet like Obama?

Or a nine-toed guy who, despite relentless opposition, resistance and vicious attacks from every quarter, actually manages to get something done. Things he promised the 63 million people who elected him?

President Trump was set up by his own Justice Department. If you believe the announcement of that indictment of 12 Russian Government spooks – who will never see the inside of an American courthouse, by the way – for interfering in the 2016 election and doing it on the very eve of the Helsinki Summit was a mere “blunder,” which is the current spin, then get in line because I will be auctioning off the Brooklyn Bridge in a minute.

He was set up by an AP reporter, who claims to be an American, who put this question to him. “Who do you believe about interference in the 2016 election (that is your election), the American Intelligence Community or that lying SOB standing right next to you?”

That’s one of those trick questions like, “Do you really laugh when you are beating your wife?” The reporter’s ONLY purpose in asking that question was to embarrass the duly elected President of the United States before the whole World.

And, sad to say, he succeeded.  What’s more, he was roundly and nearly universally applauded for it. On the plus side, the aftermath of President Trump’s ineffective attempt to duck the question points out, I think, a very important difference between Trump and Putin, and between the United States and Russia.

If a Russian reporter had pulled that stunt on Putin, he would never have been seen again. Except maybe for a tooth, a couple of hairs and some bone fragments in a baggie that Putin would keep in his desk drawer for the occasional show-and-tell.

I would have thought the President, given his consistently shabby treatment by the Media since he won the Republican Primary, would have been prepared for something like this. But he wasn’t.

What would have been his best answer? Maybe something along the lines of, “What I believe is not important today, but I am sure you already know that. What is important today is beginning a dialogue that might possibly lead to peace and prosperity for both of our countries. Next question.”

But that’s not what we got. Trump blew it, and his many, many enemies are all over him like ants on a busted watermelon. Keep track of all of those who are piling on, especially the feckless Republicans, because they are your enemies, too, whether you know it or not.

This furor over President Trump’s gaff in Helsinki will die down, probably about the time the furor over his Supreme Court appointment starts ramping up. So, brace yourselves.


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