Republicans Fail to Kill the ObamaCare Monster

Well, there you have it. ObamaCare, the Democrats’ Frankenstein monster, CAN. NOT. DIE.

Senator John McCain, literally with a wink and a nod to Chuck Shumer, gives Trump, not to mention the rest of us, the Finger – maybe for the last time.

So, what just happened? First, Republicans promised to REPEAL ObamaCare for SEVEN YEARS. Then they chickened out and took a swan dive down the slippery slope of “Repeal and Replace.”

You knew it would fail from the start. Too many choices, too many cooks (make that “crooks”). The outcome of this sorry charade tells us just how bad of a shape we are in.

The Republican Party proves itself incompetent to govern – to the delight of Democrats, who actually think it is a Win for their side.

Democrats have spent the last six months doing nothing but mooning President Trump. Now they’re actually gloating about the Republican train wreck. They think it means everybody will vote for a Democrat in 2018.

They are mistaken. Some Republicans are weak, careless cowards afraid of taking FREE STUFF back from the mob. But that doesn’t mean the electorate will shift its allegiance to the same people who gave the mob FREE STUFF in the first place.

Republican Heads Will Roll

What is more likely is that a lot of Republican heads will roll in 2018. They’ll be replaced by BETTER Republicans. Or maybe some Independents OR new Third Party candidates. (I can dream, can’t I?).

We need to start in Alaska and Maine. What are you people thinking up there? Cold getting to you? Seven Republicans voted for the exact same “Straight Repeal” Bill when they knew there was no chance it would become law, then voted against it when there was. Look ‘em up. One of them might be your representative. They all have their excuses, none of which count for squat.

So, how about that “Health Care Crisis?” Well, get ready for things to get worse… much worse. Health Care costs are going nowhere but up. As are “private” Health Care Insurance premiums.

Recently I saw a story about two people who jumped off a bridge, leaving their children behind. All because they could not afford “ObamaCare.” People with that mindset are soon going to have to take a number.

Insurance Companies Will Bail

Insurance Companies have already been bailing on the ObamaCare Exchanges like rich people on the Titanic. Now they’re going to start bailing on the individual insurance market altogether. Why? Because their profits are at too great of a risk.

Government promises to reimburse their losses from providing new coverage for people who are already sick are looking pretty shaky. President Trump, thinking he is helping, is going to do everything he can to make sure ObamaCare implodes sooner rather than later. Then he can Tweet, “I told you so.”

Your taxes are going to go up to pay for the Democrats’ FREE STUFF. And don’t hold your breath that “Tax Reform” will even things out. I’m betting the Republicans will botch that, too.

I am put in mind of those wagons rolling into the Roman Coliseum loaded with bread, which flunkies throw into the crowd before the Bloodsport commences. We all know what happened to the Roman Empire. Are we there yet? My God, I hope not!

Maybe Jeff Sessions will stick a drainpipe in the Swamp. But only WE can drain the parasites and gators out of Congress. We need a bunch of Trey Gowdies!


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