Remembering the Sacrifices of 9/11… and Never Forgetting the Fight Is Not Over

Stunned… silenced… scared.

I remember those were my first three reactions after hearing the tragic news and watching the horrifying video from September 11, 2001.

Could this actually have happened? Could our enemies really have pulled off something so blatant and destructive? Right under our noses?

Watching the Twin Towers burning.

Watching people jumping from offices high above ground level to their deaths.

Watching frightened crowds running through billowing smoke on the streets… trying to escape the carnage.

Watching first responders risking their lives to help those who were injured and trapped.

It seemed more like a movie than reality. An awful, hideous, gut-wrenching movie.

But it wasn’t. It was very, very real.

From Shocked to Outraged

Slowly but surely, my first three reactions gave way to three others.

Anger… revenge… resolve.

I became furious at the 19 terrorists who hijacked the four airplanes and sent so many people to their deaths.

I wanted revenge against whoever was responsible for plotting these evil attacks against innocent citizens, as well as whichever government might have sponsored it.

I resolved in my heart to do whatever was necessary to support my country’s efforts to help make sure something like this never happened again.

Time Does NOT Heal All Wounds

You’d think that my anger would have subsided over the past 16 years. It hasn’t.

I will never stop being enraged with America’s enemies who make it their life goal to destroy us and the ideals we hold dear.

They’re jealous of our nation’s military strength. They’re jealous of our nation’s financial stability. They’re jealous of our nation’s physical infrastructure.

Most of all – although they would never admit it – they are jealous of our freedom.

As slaves to their backward ways and outdated traditions, the sworn enemies of the United States are envious of a liberty-loving people who do what we want, who achieve success and who reach out to care for those in need.

Their hatred for us knows no bounds. We must always remain diligent and be on guard for their attacks… whatever form they may take.

Never Forget

None of us will ever forget 9/11. And we shouldn’t.

This date should always bring to mind the sacrifices that our service men and women and our first responders make every day to keep us free and keep us safe.

And this date should always remind us to be vigilant. To be strong. To resolve in our hearts to never take our freedom for granted.

God bless you and God bless America!


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