Reader Mailbag!

Not too long ago I sent you an email that included a number of comments and questions from our readers, as well as my responses to them.

Looks like a number of people really enjoyed reading that, so I’ve decided to start doing it on a regular basis.

Among the many emails and calls we receive from customers are those that compliment us and our products. But we also get a few complaints.

There’s nothing that helps a company serve its customers better than receiving – and responding to – both.

Maybe you have some of the same questions or comments you’ll see in today’s mailbag. But if your remark is different, feel free to pass it along.

Here are some of the more recent communications we’ve received.

Dennis believes it’s all about family.

“I am most grateful for the service and opportunity presented to take care of my family in an emergency. Quality is top-notch, and the value is exceptional.”

Dennis, I agree wholeheartedly that taking care of one’s family is the single most important thing any of us could do. Extreme weather and other emergencies are occurring regularly in our country, and there will be plenty more to come. We can’t change that, but we can be as prepared as possible to make sure our families have what they need in a crisis.

Another customer recently returned a couple of items they purchased from us. They were pleasantly surprised at how smoothly that process went.

“I have returned two of your products that were not right for me and received a total refund within ten days. That’s awesome customer service that will keep me interested in trying other products that you offer. Thanks!”

Sometimes folks order something from us but then discover it was not exactly what they were looking for. We don’t want them to get stuck with paying for something they’re not going to be able to use. So, we try to turn that refund around for them as quickly as possible.

The American Red Cross has been in business a lot longer than we have. But apparently we’ve caught their attention with our focus on preparedness. Here’s what one of their instructors told us.

I am a Preparedness Instructor for the Red Cross, Cascades region, Portland Oregon. I’m always on the lookout for a good food supply and am already impressed that there are no hidden charges! I can’t wait to try the 72-hour foods I’ve received on your special offer.”

The last thing we want to do is pull a bait and switch. What you see is what you get with 4Patriots products, and that goes for the prices, too.

One of our customers said they were having an issue with charging a product.

“I ordered the Patriot Power Cell. I received the power chargers, however, I’m having trouble charging the units. Any suggestions?”

Sorry about that problem you’re having. We recommend that you connect the Patriot Power Cell to the adapter and charge it via a wall socket for the first time you charge it. This will make sure that the unit is fully charged. Afterwards, when you charge the Power Cell in the sun, you can just stick it out in direct sunlight and it will charge automatically.

Tressa told us something we’re hearing from a lot of people these days.

“I ordered some of the food bars and tasted one packet… delicious, actually!!!  I was very surprised… thanks.”

We seem to have hit on the right formula for these food bars with a long shelf life. The biggest issue people are having with them is that they’re tempted to eat them now rather than storing them for an emergency. And by the way, some people are asking for “sample sizes” of some of our products, specifically our food bars. Stay tuned because we will be offering these soon!

Not too long ago, we started offering a payment plan for certain products. Customers who previously were not able to buy what they wanted to from us suddenly were able to. D.G. tell us it’s appreciated.

“I received my three-month supply kit and was impressed with the packaging and the timely arrival. I really was pleased with the monthly payment plan to pay for that large amount of food… Can’t wait to order the power supply.”

Glad we can be of service. We want to keep customers happy and we’ll do what it takes to accomplish that.

Well, that’s it for today. But we’ll look at other customer questions and comments in the near future.


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