Preparedness Has Gone Mainstream

Have you ever said, “I told you so!” to someone? I’m sure we all have at one time or another. It feels pretty good, to be honest.

Now, those types of conversations may be a little childish and as adults, we don’t engage in them as often. We usually find subtler ways to remind the other person they were wrong and we were right.

So, we won’t point fingers at those who used to tell us that preparing for a disaster is unnecessary. We won’t criticize them for not believing us when we said getting ready for a crisis is the sanest thing you can do.

But it’s all true. And I think at least one time we can shout in unison, “We told you so!”

It Finally Sank In

If you haven’t heard, there’s a preparedness movement happening. It should have been mainstream from day one. But better late than never.

Just try Googling the word “preparedness” and you’ll see what I mean. It’s everywhere.

All over the country, city and state agencies are providing advice and courses regarding how to prepare for an emergency. Especially after seeing the failures of government agencies like FEMA, and their broke system.

Now many realize that preparing themselves with food, backup power and other supplies will not only relieve pressure on the government when a disaster strikes, but also provide themselves with their own self-sustained peace of mind.

A Variety of Threats

What has brought on this change? The top factor is that both the increasing number and intensity of extreme weather threats.

I don’t need to list all the recent hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires and earthquakes that have occurred. We see them circulated the news daily.

Everyone understands how badly they have affected people. Especially in terms of power outages and the disruption of supply lines leaving many stranded without food.

And, of course, it’s not just weather events. Threats from all over the world, including North Korea, Iran, Russia, China and others, are convincing people they’d better get ready to take care of themselves and their families in a crisis.

Facebook Gets Involved with New Initiative

Even Facebook is getting into the act. They announced a new initiative to allow state, city and local government emergency mangers to be able to issue a local alert. These alerts will rise to the top of your newsfeed during dangerous situations.

Among the things that will prompt these alerts are extreme weather and evacuations. As well as road closures and active shooter situations.

Plus bomb threats, missing person reports and water main breaks. A Facebook manager said information such as this has been their “number one unmet need.”

Facebook officials say they have already tested these alerts – including during Hurricane Barry – and users were receptive to it. They say soon they will open it up to all U.S. agencies involved in emergency preparedness and response.

Agencies will be limited to one alert per day on their page. Other than during an ongoing crisis, when there could be more.

From Folly to Wisdom

Mainstream media used to ridicule people for stocking up on supplies for emergencies. Now they’re admitting it’s a wise idea.

The public radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio, posted an article on its site with this headline. “The Preparedness Movement Is Growing. Are You Ready for It?”

The article stated: “Those who advocate for self-reliance against potential disasters are not just building bunkers for the end of the world. They have a diverse outlook on what it means to be prepared.”

It went on to say that trust in government and public institutions is eroding. And that mistrust is bringing more people into the preparedness movement.

Preparedness Movement Growing

All over America, people are spreading the word. In Ellicott City near Baltimore, Maryland, officials recently went door to door downtown. They gave business owners emergency preparedness kits.

They’re calling it the Safe and Sound plan. It provides businesses with emergency phone numbers and actions to take when heavy rains cause flooding.

Then also, prior to Hurricane Dorian, the first Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery Expo was held in Morehead City, North Carolina.

Preparedness information was given to attendees by officials from 25 groups. Including state and local organizations. Plus agencies and non-profits that assist residents with preparedness and recovery.

In Washoe County, Nevada, the Sheriff’s Office also recently held three-day academies. Volunteers provided training including emergency medical techniques and fire safety. As well as terrorism awareness education and search and rescue.

Preparing Works

Our hearts go out to people who have suffered from extreme weather and other disasters. But I’m happy knowing that the idea of being prepared is finally gaining steam in American households.

Because as many of you know, preparedness is what we’re all about here at 4Patriots. And the more people who prepare for an uncertain future, the less the impact will be on them when it happens.

At the end of the day, I’d much rather say, “I’m glad you were prepared” than “I told you so.”

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