Is it reasonable to consider pre-made solar panels?

Video #9 from the Top 10 Questions From Customers Considering or Implementing Power4Patriots

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Allen:  Here’s question number 9, Kriss. It’s a little bit longer. And again we’ve got this mainly from folks who’ve gotten Power4Patriots and implemented it and are excited about it. So the question is, I have built a couple of solar panels using the instructions in Power4Patriots to power my cabin and it has been great so far. Now I’m considering a system to power my entire house. It is reasonable to consider pre made panels and get some professional assistance with installation?

Kriss:  Absolutely, that’s reasonable. It’s not necessary unless you are going to connect to the grid.  Well, I would suggest talking to an electrician if you are doing a big house-sized system, it’s reasonable no matter what.

Allen:  Okay.

Kriss:  You can do 90% of the installation yourself. It’s just the, you’ve got to remember that solar panels generate a very high voltage when you’re doing a lot of them and in most houses, you’re going to need a lot. So I would suggest for anybody considering a house-sized system to go ahead and call your local installation company and just have them look at your house.

Even you never hire them, even if you never, and even if the guy is a jerk and you don’t want anything to do with him, he’s probably going to teach you a lot about where you would install the system, how you would install the system and he might even give you some insight on what materials to use. And you can choose to use his services or you can just sort of replicate what he was going to do. So I would suggest anybody who is even remotely considering solar to, get on, follow the link to our contractor finder and get an estimate.

Just to see what’s involved; to follow his thought process. He is going to teach you a lot about the shading issue we talked about, he’s going to talk about the mounting and where to put them and stuff like that.  He can also tell you about the permit process too. So I would suggest that this would is a very good course of action and, like you said before, you can still do a lot of this by yourself. If you’re going to connect to the grid like we talked about, you will need manufactured solar panels, there’s a million options out there. So talk to a professional and then if you want to do it by yourself, come to and we’ll help you with that and like I said, we have panels now. They can practically just plug into the wall.

Allen:  Whoa.

Kriss:  We have the deck power system now that can either be mounted in the yard or on a deck drilling and it literally plugs into your wall. So these systems have been getting easier and easier and we like to help people do it themselves as much as possible, do it safely but do it yourself. So I think talking to a pro is great and maybe picking up some keys and maybe you’ll decide ‘this is too much for me and I just can’t do it.’

Allen:  Yes.

Kriss:  And he can teach you about the local incentives and stuff like that as well.

Allen:  Perfect I think that’s great advice and by the way it’s super that this customer implemented, followed the system and is now powering his cabin.

Kriss:  Yes.  That’s great.

Allen:  Yes, do it yourself way and following what we teach in Power4Patriots. And I agree with you, I mean, listen, as we said throughout this interview Kriss it’s really where you want to take it and if folks building their own panels and wind generators and doing the solar thermal, they get excited by that through Power4Patriots for powering their cabin or garage and now they want to replicate it on a bigger scale. That’s awesome.

Kriss:  That is awesome. Yes, we have a lot of people who do that, they start small, they start with a cabin or a shed or even like a garden shed. They start with that and they get excited about it and realize that they can do the whole house and we help ‘em out there, that’s really fun.

Allen:  Cool, okay. Whoa we are, this has flown by Kriss, it’s unbelievable. We rock.


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