Power4Patriots Expert: Meet Kriss, He’s Lived Off-Grid For 5 Years And Is A Solar Expert

Intro Video from the Top 10 Questions From Customers Considering or Implementing Power4Patriots

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Allen:  Okay, hi everybody, this is Allen, I’m with the warehouse that publishes prints and ships the power for patriots hardcopy materials, the DVDs and I’m really excited today because we’ve got on the line a special guest Kriss Bergethon. Hey Kriss, how are you doing?

Kriss:  Hey, how is it going everybody?

Allen:  We’re really glad to have Kriss here, Kriss is the owner of Solar Sphere which is a company, and I will give you the address in a second, that basically researches and sells and ships solar parts, Off Grid parts, all sorts of stuff that you need to make your own off grid system but not only that, Kriss is an expert in Off-Grid power, not only is he an expert but he’s actually living it everyday. Kriss is really cool about talking about his story but he leaves off the grid out in Colorado, you’ve done that for 5-years Kriss?

Kriss:  Yes, 5 years now.

Allen:  So that’s amazing, so when we say off grid, it’s true you’re getting all of your power, I mean you’re generating everything yourself is that right?

Kriss:  That’s right, we have 1300 watts of solar power and then 400 watts wind generators as well which is convenient because when the sun is out or when the sun is gone we usually have wind so they kind of complement each other nicely.

Allen:  Perfect, anyway we’re really glad to have Kriss on the line today because, again, he’s not only an expert on off grid power but he’s living the dream like many of us wish to do, and by the way before I forget Kriss’s website is http://www.spheralsolar.com and you can go research solar panels, systems, DIY kits, lighting, even get a quote for professional installation so it’s a great resource and a Power4Patriots team love to send our customers Kriss’s way because he’s got great stuff at great prices and he’s a super guy who takes care of folks.

Kriss:  Thanks Allen, I appreciate that, we feel the same about Power4Patriots for sure.

Allen:  Cool, one of the reasons Kriss we’re so excited to have you here is you’ve started to really help supplement and add some, excellent content to Power4Patriots, to go along with what we’ve been publishing, you’ve been helping us add some new stuff and really show some folks some excellent things, so we want to kind of tap your knowledge as an expert, somebody who’s been in the business, he’s been living off the grid for 5 years and really address some of the top 10 questions that we’re getting from customers who are either considering Power4Patriots or have started to implement it.

Kriss:  Sounds great, I’m happy to answer your questions, I love talking about solar.

Allen:  Okay cool, well, I’ve got our list of handy dandy questions right here.

Kriss:  Got mine too.

Allen:  Okay, let’s delve right in…


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