Police Officers Going Above and Beyond to Help Those in Distress

Police officers are charged with serving and protecting their communities. A vast majority of them do a great job with that important responsibility.

And sometimes local police officers go above and beyond the call of duty to help people. Often sacrificing their own personal time and funds.

Following are a few recent stories about how police officers in various parts of the country have chosen to go the extra mile.

Texas Officer Gets Groceries for Family

Most young children walking in parking lots are accompanied by an adult. When a Texas police officer saw a young boy alone in an Austin lot, he decided to investigate.

Officer James Riley approached the boy and learned he was out “getting snacks” for a younger sibling.

Concerned for the boy’s safety, Riley drove him home. There he discovered the family was “going through difficult financial times.”

Using funds from his own wallet, Riley went to a local supermarket, got groceries and delivered them to the family.

‘Act of Kindness’

In a social media forum, the Austin Police Department posted this message:

“(Riley) took it upon himself to go to (the store) and get a basket full of groceries and snacks that the boys would be able to fix without turning on the gas stove.

“He also got some things that a parent would be able to cook for them. He showed true heart with this act of kindness.”

In addition to his generosity, Riley also gave the kids a bit of advice. He explained that they should not leave home without an adult.

Illinois Officer Gives Away Shoes

Sometimes it’s convenient to have the same size feet as a police officer. That’s what a homeless man in Niles, Illinois discovered recently.

Police officer Brian Zagorski of the Niles Police Department witnessed a homeless man trip on the worn-out rubber soles of his shoes while walking.

Zagorski approached the man and began talking to him about his situation. The officer then tried to give a bag of toiletries and supplies, but the man declined.

Those items would have been courtesy of a community assistance program. The next offer came from the officer himself.

A Gift From the ‘Sole’

Zagorski asked the man what his shoe size was. Coincidentally, it was the same size as the officer’s.

We’ve heard about giving someone the shirt off your back. But this time it was the shoes off one’s feet.

Zagorski took off his shoes and gave them to the homeless man. This time the man accepted, and trudged off with a much more comfortable step.

“I made a difference, and that’s essentially what we sign up to do,” Zagorski told a Chicago television station.

Zagorski added that he would keep an eye out the man in the future. Just in case he’s willing to accept help with anything else.

Michigan Officer Befriends Bullied Kid

A Grand Rapids, Michigan boy whose family had recently relocated from Tanzania was worried no one would show up for his birthday party.

Thomas was being bullied at school and was crying as he ran to catch up with the bus he’d missed after school.

Fortunately, Grand Rapids Police Officer Austin Lynema spotted the child and noticed his distress.

He spoke with the boy and learned about his dilemma. As the boy feared, no one showed up for his party. No one except Lynema and his partner.

Making a Birthday Special

“I ring the doorbell and he comes out of his balcony and sees me and my partner,” Lynema said.

“He’s jumping up and down, smiles and he can’t believe that we actually were able to show up.”

Because there were no presents or cake at the party, Lynema decided to go the extra mile. He showed up again the next morning for an impromptu party. This time he carried personalized “Happy Birthday” doughnuts and a bag of Grand Rapids Police swag.

Thomas has now been invited to a classmate’s party. And he’ll take an impressive guest with him – Officer Austin Lynema.

Georgia Deputies Aid Son of Fallen Officer

A 9-year-old boy will never be walked to school by his father again.

Nicolas Dixon, a 28-year-old Hall County deputy, was killed last month while exchanging gunfire with suspects in a stolen vehicle in Gainesville, Georgia.

Understanding how difficult that first walk of the new school year would be for the child, Georgia sheriff’s deputies escorted the boy to his first day of fourth grade.

At least a dozen of the deputies even walked the child all the way to his first class.

Providing Support and Encouragement

A Facebook post from the Hall County Sheriff’s Office read like this.

“Hall County Sheriff’s Deputies joined Caden Dixon and his mother Stephanie this morning as Caden began the next school year as a fourth-grader.

“They wanted to give Caden and Stephanie some extra support and encouragement on this first day of class. The Sheriff’s Office and Hall County community are proud of them both.”

A three-year veteran on the force, Nicholas Dixon also left behind an infant son.

Thanking Police Officers

We can’t thank police officers enough for the sacrifices they make for protecting us citizens on a daily basis.

And while many of these acts of kindness get left unspoken, it’s incredibly heartwarming when they do.

So let me ask you, has a police officer ever gone above and beyond to help you or someone you know?

Feel free to share your story in comments below.

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