What are the top benefits of generating off-grid power using a system like Power4Patriots?

Video #1 from the Top 10 Questions From Customers Considering or Implementing Power4Patriots

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Allen:  Well let’s dive right in with question number one and this is actually one of the most popular questions that we get, from folks who are considering Power4Patriots. And the question is: what are the top benefits of generating an off grid power using a system like Power4Patriots? So can you talk about some of the top benefits of generating off-grid power Kriss?

Kriss:              Yeah, there is a lot of them it is like if I start  to ramble, just cut me off because this is one of my favorite thing to talk about. But I think the biggest one for me and my wife is just the freedom and the sense of independence that it gives us knowing that, we are generating our own power using the sun and the wind and renewable means or doing it on our own we are not dependent on being power start of thing. We are not dependant on a grid, we are not really dependant on much of anything.

We are, I think both politically and just emotionally my wife and I we are just very much independent, we are really about doing things on our own making our own life. We really kind of feel like that is the American life. And so that sense of freedom and just sort of do-it-yourself nature is what is really cool and we feel like that we are unique, we were not part of, you know, the rat race or, you know, the system or any of this that we are living on our own, we are living by our own means. That is the biggest benefit for me.

Then you get in to all the other stuff and actually we don’t have a power bill every month.[laughs] I sort of forget about that, I have some real estate rentals in a city nearby and of course the tenants pay the power bill, but they talked to me about some of this power bills are really 300 or 400 dollars during the summer for air conditioning expenses and I talk to customers all the time. Like I talked to a lady just on Friday afternoon that she was having 800 dollar power bill. We just don’t have a power bill. There is just, it is not that we have a low power bill, we just don’t have one.

So that is really nice. Obviously, we don’t have to worry about black outs and brown outs and that is a huge deal you know we are setting all this temperature records for summer. All of us in fact including the whole of it, we live in the mountains but it is still then record setting key. And this black outs and brown outs that are happening I mean last week there were 3 million people without power, and these are big you know big metropolitan areas, this isn’t in the middle of nowhere, this is like Virginia and Maryland and places where you would think that the infrastructure would be pretty well done.

But that just going to give more and more common. We are stressing this power grid which really was designed in the 50s, to its max It is not designed to take these huge loads and to, this big pick up, like they are all just firing up at the same time. All of depends in it. And that load just stressing the heck out of the grid and you are just going to get black outs. The problem with that is the fact that the power company doesn’t give you a lot of choice, you don’t get to choose the power company it is not like phone, or the internet company or even your cable TV or something, you are pretty much stuck with the power company.

The fact that they hold your power in their hands and they are really not doing a very good job about, generating it and distributing it. We don’t really worry about any of that and we are so in a little problem with how we live and all of that and we decide to make it our mission and our career to help other people do it too.

Allen:  Man, that is awesome, you know as you were talking I wrote down some of the things you said that are the top benefits for you and for most folks. And they really, and working that means a lot from prospective customers for powerful patriots that sounds right on. You know number one is really the sense of self reliance, the ability not to be tighten to the Government or the big energy – really to do this yourself, you know number two everybody is allowed to save money the fact that you don’t have a power bill every month is amazing.

Kriss:              Pretty cool.

Allen:  Yeah, that is pretty cool and we can certainly all use that money for something else. You know number three, being able to protect your home and not worry about black outs and brown outs and these natural disasters. I mean you are right you just pick up the newspaper it is unbelievable you know whether it is a disaster knocking out power, or rolling brown outs in Texas during the summer, this seems to be something that is just going to continue.

I was wondering one thing that we hear a little bit of too, you know when people start to generate their own off grade power, you know they get one of a good feeling of being one of the good guys. You know somebody who has taken care of their own business and you know the power isn’t polluting anything and you know that is kind of a nice side benefit too right?

Kriss:              Absolutely the fact that you are not contributing to bad air and you know the way that we generate power in this country it is mostly coal, and I was actually the coal mining business for a long time. And it generates pollution in a lot of different ways so, we don’t worry about our home doing that anymore; the clean energy and the fact that these solar panels are going to be around for 30 years. (that is the life span of a typical solar panel and the wind generator will probably get 15 years out of it).

So you know it is not like we are going to worry about what are we doing next year for power. We are pretty much set, if any, we will expand our system here and there which is very possible with some of the things that I love but the most part that we have said, it is clean and easy enough on the conscience.

Allen:  Yeah, which is a nice benefit on top of all the other ones you just mentioned that is cool. Hey Kriss before we go on to the next question why don’t we ask a follow up question, you mentioned you are off the grid, we are doing this video from your home office is that right?

Kriss:              That is right -I’m in my home office now.

Allen:  So this laptop is powered by your off grid system?

Kriss:              Absolutely- everything we have we work from home and everything we have is powered, so our business is powered from the solar panels and the wind and our personal lives is everything here.

Allen:  Man, that is so cool, so how about that folks, we are doing an interview over with a power of the internet talking to Kriss whose is supplying all of his own power for his computer, his house, his internet connection –that is pretty cool.

Kriss:              Okay.

Allen:  Okay, sorry I just think that it so neat, and really, a lot of folks who are Power4Patriots, you are kind of a proud example of somebody who has really made it, so that is awesome.

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