NYC Firefighter Teaches Doomsday Prepper Skills

We’re all passionate about something and we’re all good at something. And when we’re lucky, we’re very good at what we’re passionate about.

The question then becomes, what do we do with this gift with which we’ve been bestowed? Do we use it merely to make ourselves happy, or do we encourage others to get involved? And maybe even teach it to others so they can enjoy the same kind of fulfillment?

One example of the latter is a 40-year-old New York City firefighter by the name of Jason Charles.

Jason is very much into survival, including stockpiling supplies and practicing his skills. In fact, he estimates that he has about $15,000 worth of survival supplies stockpiled for his family for when the stuff hits the fan.

These supplies include backpacks, bug-out bags, drinking water, medicine, tools, clothing, tents, survival knives and other gear… even homemade detergent.

Sharing his skills

While this father of five’s supplies – which he keeps in a closet in his fifth-floor Harlem apartment – are strictly for his family, he doesn’t “hoard” his survival skills.

In fact, he has organized the New York City Prepper Network. He spends some of his spare weekend time teaching like-minded folks those same skills during weekend retreats in the New Jersey wilderness. On the agenda during these retreats are fire starting, shelter building and knife safety classes.

Why is Jason so passionate about survival? Well, he’s already seen a lot. He helped people at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks. He was also influenced by the book, One Second After, by William Forstchen.

It’s a novel about what life would be like in the United States if an electromagnetic pulse disabled all electronics. Jason began his prepping journey after finishing that book.

Self-sufficiency with a twist

“People think that the country can save you no matter what happens,” Jason said. “If a couple of nuclear bombs go off in this country, who are you going to rely on?

“I’m prepping for everything: financial crisis, hurricane, tornadoes.”

Jason said his goal is self-reliance, but he understands that people will need each other during a crisis. That’s why wants to help others.

I’m sure you have one or more skills that make you somewhat of an expert in that particular area.

I would strongly encourage you to not only practice that skill for personal enjoyment and improvement, but also figure out a way to share your knowledge and passion with others. Especially when it comes to tips, tricks and self-sufficiency skills.


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