No AC in the summer? No problem.

Hunkering down during a crisis situation is preferable to bugging out for a number of reasons – as you may well know. But what are you going to do if your air conditioner stops working and there’s no one available to fix it for a while?

If your AC breaks down during the warmer half of the year, you’re going to have a challenge on your hands before you are able to get it fixed. Assuming your other electronic appliances are still working, here are 7 action steps you can take to minimize the heat in your home and stay as comfortable as possible without a functioning AC unit:

  • Eat Cold Foods. The less you use your oven the better, as it will make the kitchen and other rooms warmer than they already are. Among cold foods you can eat are fruit, salads and popsicles.
  • Keep the Lights Off. Light bulbs produce heat and use up energy, so the more you can keep them turned off, the better.
  • Use Fans. First, make sure your ceiling fan is turning counter-clockwise. Put your floor fan near an external door facing an external wall. A pan of ice water in front of the fan will cool the air as it blows.
  • Close Your Windows and Blinds. Hot air will enter the house if the windows are open and the sun will radiate heat within your home if the blinds aren’t closed.
  • Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine. Because both of these items are diuretics, your urine output will increase if you drink coffee and alcohol while trying to battle the heat. This could cause dehydration. Stick to water and sports drinks.
  • Go Swimming. The more often your body is immersed in cool water, the cooler it will stay. Another option is a bath in cool water.
  • Use a Cold Towel. Soak a washcloth or towel in cold water and wrap it around your neck.

What other ways have you discovered to keep cool when it’s hot outside and the AC is not working? Hope you’ll share them with us.


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