The next American Civil War?

America’s Civil War lasted almost exactly four years. And now, more than 150 years later, it looks like we’ve got another Civil War in front of us.

But instead of North versus South, it’s President Donald Trump despisers against Trump and his supporters. The former group vows to do all it can during his tenure to thwart everything he attempts to accomplish. The latter group will defend his policies and try to make America great again.

Now, there were many conservatives who were upset when Barack Obama won presidential elections over John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012. But I don’t remember those people rioting in the streets, turning over cars and burning them, and spending nearly every waking moment trying to discredit him.

They got over it and went on with life. But the whiny liberals who can’t seem to go an hour without giving a “Not my president” speech or marching in the capital or blocking traffic really need to get a life.

It’s like the kid who’s losing a basketball game and suddenly declares that he’s taking his ball and going home. They were flabbergasted when Trump pulled out the election, and now they don’t know how to handle not getting their way.

The politicians are the worst of the bunch, of course, although the mindless sheep who follow their lead are not much better.

First, a group of House Democrats boycotted Trump’s inauguration. Even Hillary Clinton and Obama showed up for that, although their faces and body language told us exactly what they were thinking.

Then the spoiled brats claimed that Trump was elected only because of the “malicious foreign interference of Russian leaders.” They don’t really think that. They just can’t bring themselves to admit Hillary was so unpopular that she failed to motivate enough Democratic voters.

And now Fox News is reporting that the Democratic politicians are promising a “Not now, not ever” policy regarding anything and everything Trump proposes. They’ll pick a fight every day for the next four years if they have to.

Trump knows that the current Republican majorities in the House and Senate may not last beyond his first two years in the White House, so he’s moving as quickly as possible to fulfill his promises while he has the power to do so.

But think about this: those majorities could actually expand in 2018, depending on how happy – and motivated – Republican voters remain. After all, 10 Democratic senators will be up for reelection in 2018 in states that Trump won back in November.

The American Civil War of the 1800s ended after four years.

This Civil War might not.


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