[new kit] Meat & protein = good for 25 years

You need to have a supply of meat and protein in your survival food stockpile.


Because wholesome, protein-rich food like meats and legumes will fill you up and give you the strength and stamina you need to deal with a natural disaster or man-made crisis.

But that’s not an easy task.

There’s no way to keep fresh meat and hearty protein on hand in a crisis because it spoils fast. So unless you’re raising your own livestock, you won’t be able to re-supply on protein at your local grocery store if a crisis occurs.

For those of us who like to hunt, wild game is certainly an option in a pinch. But it can be a lot of work and game could be scarce depending on the time of year.

Another problem is the quality of meat and protein these days. It’s really hard to get a decent price. Just look at steak prices! Quality meat is hard to find and afford and it’s only getting worse.

And canned meat is not much better. It can taste pretty good, but canned meat won’t last more than 5 years or so and the aluminum cans can leech nasty toxins into the food if you’re unlucky.

Beef jerky? It’s great for camping or as a snack on a road trip. But the stuff’s so loaded with nitrates and chemicals you’d never want to live on it for too long, much less depend on it for 50 grams of protein a day that doctors recommend.

The problem is that if you’re NOT eating meat & protein during a crisis, you likely be missing out on 80% of the essential vitamins, proteins and nutrition you’re going to need to stay alive and thrive in a survival situation.

That’s the 80/20 rule at work once again.

Meat and protein are responsible for almost 80% of your daily intake of amino acids – the building blocks of your muscles and bones. Without amino acids, your body gets weak and is susceptible to disease.

You simply can’t get all this good nutrition without eating meat and other protein-rich foods like beans and legumes.

And yet meat is one of the 1st thing gone from your fridge and grocery stores when a crisis hits.

Here’s the good news…

I discovered a new way for you to get all the meat & protein you’ll need in a convenient package that’s GUARANTEED to last for 25 years, so you never have to worry about it ever again.

Having one of these kits could easily mean the difference between merely surviving and thriving.

Because when you are faced with a crisis, you need to be operating at your HIGHEST possible level, mentally and physically.

You want to eat satisfying, tasty foods that fill you up and give you the vital nutrition you need.

And having a supply of meat & protein good for 25 years will help you do just that.

[new kit] Meat & protein good for 25 years

To your survival,
Frank Bates

P.S. Meats & proteins are the foods that you have to eat if you want to be healthy, and there is no way around that. It’s been pretty much impossible to get meat and protein guaranteed to last 25 years so that you’ll be protected in a crisis… until now. Click here to super-charge your survival food stockpile:


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