Boost Your Mood Naturally

Do you ever get moody? I know I do. I try to stay upbeat as much as possible, but sometimes I allow circumstances to get the best of me and then fall into a funk.

They say that nearly 10 percent of Americans suffer from depression. Even if you are not one of them, there are probably times when you feel down. Now, if this happens to you more often than you’d care to admit, there are several ways to deal with it. One is to go for counseling. That can get expensive, and do you really want someone asking you over and over again, “How does that make you feel?” Another option is to go to a psychiatrist and get put on medication. I’d say the odds are probably 50-50 that the drugs will make things worse.

As with most things, the natural way is usually the best way. For mild depression, I’d rather start off with some of the following natural remedies before I spend money to lie on a couch or pop pills.

Fast occasionally. Skipping a meal here or there, or fasting for a day once in a while, helps your body digest and eliminate cellular debris. It’s a good way to clean out your system and elevate your mood. Don’t forget to stay hydrated while you’re fasting.

Consume herbs. Two herbs that have been shown to have beneficial effects on mood are Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) and St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum).

Laugh. Laughing significantly lowers cortisol, the hormone associated with stress, and this effect can continue hours after you’re done laughing. Laughing in groups seems to be even more effective.

Exercise. Studies show that patients with depression improve as much as those treated with medication when they stick to an exercise program.

Take fish oil and Vitamin D. Both of these are directly tied to emotional health. Eat fatty, cold-water fish including salmon, and try to get 30 minutes of full sun on your face and arms daily.

Eat more protein and fat, and less sugar and carbs. Sugar contributes to chronic inflammation and suppresses healthy proteins. Stick to organic, animal-based foods, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Cut back on the information onslaught. Limit your exposure to the Internet and television, replacing it with conversation and reading.

Which activities or other natural remedies have you discovered that will combat depression and moodiness? Please share them with us.


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