Maintaining Your Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System

How to Change or Add a Filter to your Alexapure Pro

Seems like every day there’s a news story about water contamination in one part of the country or another. And they never seem to discover the problem until people have already been drinking the contaminated water.

Many Americans are beginning to understand that if the water coming out of their faucets isn’t contaminated yet, it could be soon. That’s why we offer the Alexapure Pro water filtration system. It’s a revolutionary desktop purifier that cleans water from virtually any source and turns it into safe, delicious drinking water that’s up to 99.9999 percent free of dangerous contaminants.

Eventually, you’ll want to change your Alexapure Pro filter or add an additional water filter to increase your flow rate. Here’s how to do that. Quite frankly, it couldn’t be any easier.

There are a few simple steps to do this:

  1. Remove the old water filter
  2. Unbox and unwrap the new filter
  3. Install the new filter
  4. Run two loads of water through the system

To remove the old water filter, take the top off the Alexapure Pro and unscrew the wing nut. You can do this easily with just your fingers – no tool required. Next, take the washer off and remove the old filter. Remove the new filter from its box. Then take the filter out of its wrapper, which helps keep the filter moist before it’s used. Place the washer back on, then install the filter before tightening the wing nut by hand, finger tight.

Do the same thing to add one or more additional water filters. There is room for a total of four filters. One filter will provide 5,000 gallons of fresh, clean water for you and your family. Two filters will double your flow rate and provide 10,000 gallons.

Finally, make sure to run two full loads of water through this premier water filtration system before using the water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, etc. That’s because alcohols are included in the water filters before they are shipped in order to keep them disinfected. So, those first two loads of water will not smell or taste too great. But after that, get ready for some of the best, purest water you’ve ever tasted!

You’re finished!

Alexapure Pro Reviews

Here’s a review from Alexapure Pro customer Willford:

“The Alexapure Pro water filter is a tremendous buy! We are using it for all our water needs and saving serious money not having to purchase bottled water.”

And here’s what Marilyn had to say:

“I have been using the Alexapure Pro for quite a while and I love it. It is easy to use because gravity is all you need plus no electricity is required. The water tastes great too.”

To purchase your Alexapure Pro, click here.

To purchase additional filters for your Alexapure Pro, click here.


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