Liberals’ View of Immigration Borders on Criminal Insanity

So, what is it with our lefty friends? Is it that they are simply intellectually incapable of extending some goofy policy choice to its logical conclusion? You would certainly think so.

We all know some of these people. Take amnesty for illegal immigrants, for example. Ask a liberal and they will tell you they are absolutely in favor of it. Then ask them why. They will tell you that, if you are asking the question, you are just too ignorant to understand the answer.

If you do get an answer out of one of them, it will be that these illegal immigrants have been here for a long time and have families (also here illegally). Excuse me? I mean, we are still dragging 95-year-old Nazi prison camp guards out of nursing homes and shipping them off clutching oxygen tanks, and no lefty is complaining about that. Unless, of course, we are shipping them off to Israel.

But these Nazi prison camp guards are war criminals, and illegal immigrants are not criminals, right? Well, some of them are. In fact, some are dangerous criminals, but hey, not MY roofer, or MY yard guy or MY painter. Duh, how do you know?

Break a Law, Get Rewarded

A kid sneaks into a movie house, gets caught and gets bounced. I don’t think my “progressive” friends would get all that exercised and call the ACLU about this. But, following the progressive’s logic, if the kid can make it all the way through the movie without getting caught, he is entitled to a Free Pass – FOR LIFE! And, if he doesn’t get it, THEN you call the ACLU

Does that seem like apples-to-apples to you? It does to me. Well, they say these people work hard (and they ARE hard workers) and work at jobs American citizens don’t want to do. Unfortunately, there is truth in this.

Cut off the unemployment compensation, disability payments and all the other welfare handouts politicians use to buy votes, and I bet we’d see a lot more American citizens mowing our lawns, swinging hammers and toting shovels. Probably not doing as good a job at it, though.

What about the illegal immigrants who aren’t working but are living on welfare in California? I would say California has a problem, and I bet Californians wish that was their only problem!

Liberal Logic Knows No Borders

How do these liberals work their way around to the idea that we in the USA somehow OWE something to people from other countries? Particularly people from other countries who snuck in here while Obama’s Border Patrol wasn’t looking – because it was ORDERED not to look – instead of standing in line like every other immigrant has done since about 1819.

But, we are a nation of immigrants, they say. Sure we are. Unless you happen to be a Native American, every one of us has an immigrant in our woodpile. But we are a nation of LEGAL immigrants who had wait our turn, register and report our whereabouts and circumstances annually until we qualified for citizenship according to the laws.

We are a nation of laws, aren’t we? These people sneaking through the Arizona desert have absolutely nothing in common with Grandpa Luigi. So, don’t give me this “nation of immigrants” crap.

It’s All About the Kids

But, they are just little children, they say, little children who are victims of privation, violence, poor dental hygiene and bad toilets in their home countries. Right. Are you kidding me? If liberals want to save children from privation, violence, poor dental hygiene and bad toilets, they need to start with Africa.

As far as kids are concerned, Somalia makes Honduras look like Disney World. Much as we would like to, we simply cannot take all these children in. And guess what. If Obama had established a strict no-entry policy in the first place, we wouldn’t have this huge influx of children and others pouring over the border.

That is exactly what I mean when I say your regular lefty is intellectually incapable of following some goofy policy choice to its logical extension. When a liberal friend busts your hump if you complain about these thousands of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children being dumped all over the country, ask him how many he is putting up at his house. If the answer is none, offer to call the White House and tell them your friend will take a baker’s dozen.


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