Liberals’ Climate Change Plan Destroying American Dream

Our economy remains in tatters. Unaccompanied illegal immigrant children are overwhelming our public schools. (I mean, what law “requires” states to educate illegal immigrant children at taxpayer expense? Who voted for this?)

Jihadists are still cutting peoples’ heads off. Russia, China and Iran – thanks to our president – are playing us for suckers. Our federal government looks more and more like our worst enemy. So, where do the liberals focus their laser-like gaze and unending blather? On Climate Change. Why is this?

First, let’s get a few things straight. “Government Climate Change Policy” and “Climate Change Science” are two completely different things. “Policy” is something that politicians create as a roadmap for some kind of governmental “Action.” “Policy” may or may not be supported by some kind of “Science” (for example, when Science proves there is some threat that can be successfully dealt with by governmental Action.

I am sure you have noticed that since the time Al Gore first hitched his money wagon to the Global Warming star and replaced Chicken Little as hysterical-idiot-in-chief of the modern age, “Policy” has always come before “Science.” “Policy” distorts, perverts, obscures or ignores “Science” when it gets in the way of Policy or limits the Actions that Gore, our president and their ilk are pushing at the moment.

The liberal media have conveniently divided us into two camps: “Climate Change Advocates” (people they consider smart, forward-thinking humanitarians) and “Climate Change Deniers” (idiots…in other words, all the rest of us). These labels create a mindset that they want to substitute for reasonable arguments in liberal circles. They try to make people think that the Policy is supported by the Science.

What are the end results of the Carbon Emissions Policy being promoted by Gore, our president and the rest? They are designed to cut American energy production, to slash American industry and to increase federal governmental power and control. All this at our expense, with no guarantee that our enemies and competitors (who look to be a lot smarter than we are) will follow suit.

And I think a convincing argument can be made that this is not just fallout from the Policy but its INTENDED consequences. How can I say that? Look where the Policy is being developed and where the latest drama is playing out – the United Nations, an outfit that has outlived its usefulness (if it ever had any) that is run by our ENEMIES…ON OUR SOIL AND ON OUR DIME!

Where is the Science? Is world climate changing? Duh, yeah. No denying that. That’s what climate does and what climate has ALWAYS done. Does human activity on the planet affect climate change? Probably. But how much has human activity affected the climate? In what way does it affect the climate? Can any bad effects be reversed through human activities?

Science doesn’t have the first clue. And this is not from me. This comes from Dr. Steven E. Koonin, a respected scientist and professor at New York University, formerly of Cal Tech, who was undersecretary for science in the Department of Energy during Obama’s first term (which probably explains why he did not hang around for the second term).

Liberals are flogging Climate Change because they have proven themselves incapable of flogging anything else with any success. Also, if they manage any success at all, they can still accomplish what I believe to be their primary objective: to diminish America in the world and bring an end to the American Dream and bring the American “experiment” to utter failure.

In this, the liberals are right at home in the U.N.


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