Mainstream media can’t hide what’s most important to them – themselves.

We all know that the so-called mainstream media leans to the left. And when I say “leans,” I mean “falls.” By their own admission, more than 80 percent of mainstream media are more liberal than conservative. So, there is a good chance that more than 80 percent of what you see, hear or read in the mainstream media is slanted in one fashion or another against the conservative viewpoint.

A classic example of this came recently when it was revealed that the Department of Justice had been secretly seizing the phone records of Associated Press reporters. The international news agency was up in arms over this, calling it a “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into the way it conducts business.

While I agree with the AP’s assessment of what happened, isn’t it strange how none of the mainstream media was appalled by the revelation that the Internal Revenue Service had been illegally targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny. That was a far greater offense against the American people – especially during an election year – than the seizing of reporters’ phone records, and yet all we got out of the mainstream media on the IRS story was basic reporting. No one seemed outraged about this huge miscarriage of justice.

The same basic thing occurred recently when the liberal New York Times got upset with President Obama over the National Security Agency’s spying on Americans’ phone records and emails. The paper declared that Obama had “lost all credibility,” but as it turned out, they were mainly upset because the administration had given the equally liberal Washington Post the story first. When the Times cooled down, they changed their wording to “lost all credibility on this issue.”

It’s bad enough that we have to constantly fight our way to enjoy the Constitutional freedoms that are under attack by this administration, but when we also have to go up against liberal mainstream media, it becomes even more challenging.

I’ve included a link below to a Fox News article on this subject titled, “Former Attorneys General Say Justice Department’s AP Operation Highly Unusual.” Speculation is that the Department of Justice probe centered around who disclosed to the AP details of a CIA operation in Yemen that stopped an Al Qaeda plot in 2012 to detonate a bomb on an airplane bound for the U.S.

Do you believe that conservatives get a fair shake from the mainstream media? Do you think that the mainstream media has the power to influence the average American one way or the other? Which particular media outlet do you trust the most to tell you what’s really going on? Please chime in with your thoughts about this.


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