Latest IRS lie now exposed

I wonder if there is a Guinness Book of World Records listing for the most lies told by the same organization in a certain time period. If so, the IRS would have to be in the running for that record.

To recap briefly, after being accused of illegally targeting conservatives for extra scrutiny when it came to their requests for tax-exempt status in the two years leading up to the 2012 presidential election, IRS officials flatly denied it. Lie No. 1.

As it became more and more obvious that the IRS was guilty of exactly what they were accused of, they admitted that some targeting did occur but that it was limited to a few people in their Cincinnati office. Lie No. 2.

As it became obvious that the problem was much more widespread, the IRS admitted that the targeting was occurring in places other than in Cincinnati, but that it was not politically motivated. Lie No. 3.

As I’ve asked before, how could the targeting of President Obama’s enemies by one of his agencies be anything other than politically motivated? There’s just no other reason to do it.

Not too long ago, Obama told a national television audience that there was not a smidgeon of corruption in the IRS’ targeting of conservatives. Lie No. 4.

The IRS had already admitted (finally) that it was guilty of the accusation, so clearly there was corruption involved.

Former IRS official Lois Lerner avoided telling another series of lies when she took the Fifth Amendment when questioned by Congress about the issue. But shortly later, other IRS officials said that emails to and from Lerner (including to and from the White House) were “permanently irretrievable” because her hard drive had crashed. Lie No. 5.

As we recently learned, House of Representatives investigators announced that IRS tech experts said that Lerner’s hard drive was merely “scratched,” not irreparably damaged. The IRS is now saying that Lerner’s hard drive was recycled, meaning destroyed. That may end up being the only true statement we get out of this agency.

How does any administration, even one as scandal-ridden and corrupt – yeah, I went there – as the Obama Administration, put up with a federal agency that engages in a never-ending series of lies? There’s only one answer to that. The administration is connected to IRS targeting and Lerner’s hard drive would have been the smoking gun if the IRS hadn’t melted it down.

How do you feel about this situation? Do you think IRS officials will ever be held accountable for the laws they’ve broken and the lies they’ve told?


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