IRS admits wrongdoing but lies about its motives.

As we have all become painfully aware in recent weeks, the Obama Administration’s Internal Revenue Service has been targeting conservative groups with the words “tea party” and “patriot” in their names for extra scrutiny for quite some time now. That comes as no surprise to those of us who have long suspected that the current administration has taken unfair advantage of its power to try to make life miserable for those who disagree with its policies.

Well, at least now it’s out in the open and everyone knows that it’s true. The people who used to call us paranoid are backing off a little bit as they now understand that what we’ve been saying has not been the crazy ramblings of people with persecution complexes, but rather the truth.

But as you may be aware, it’s not just those groups with “tea party” and “patriot” in their names who have been targeted by the IRS as they’ve applied for tax exempt status. It’s been exposed that groups that are worried about government spending, debt or taxes, or – get this – groups that have lobbied to “make American a better place to live” have also been targeted, according to the details of a government probe.

My gosh! Imagine someone having the audacity to want to improve our country! Shame on them!

And, of course, the IRS lied about this situation until the truth came out. In mid-2012, then-IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman said that the IRS was not targeting conservative groups. But the investigation revealed that in mid-2011, a high-ranking IRS official knew that was exactly what was happening.

In addition to turning down conservative groups when they sought tax exempt status, the IRS asked these groups numerous inappropriate questions, including requesting that they provide their donor lists and other sensitive information. And even after the IRS was caught red-handed, the agency still blamed lower-level employees and denied that any “higher-ups” were involved. The IRS also insisted that the targeting was not politically motivated.

What!?!  How could the targeting of conservative groups be anything other than politically motivated? It’s obvious that the IRS will admit wrongdoing only when it has become obvious to everyone what they’re doing, and then they’ll launch a new barrage of lies to try to put themselves in the best possible light.

Hopefully, the investigation will continue and we’ll get at the truth of who was involved and why they did it.

Were you surprised when this shameful IRS targeting was revealed? What was your reaction when you first heard about it? Do you think that now that this sort of thing is out in the open that the IRS will start behaving in a fair fashion? I’d love to hear your thoughts about this important topic.


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