The Importance of Sleep in a Survival Situation

There is a common denominator in almost every survival skill you’ve ever heard of.

Whether it’s how to make a fire, how to build a shelter, how to purify water or any of countless other survival activities.

That common thread is that you have to be awake when you do it. Unless, of course, you are a very productive sleepwalker.

Virtually every action you take during the course of a survival situation involves conscious choices, ingenuity and physical dexterity.

Lack of sleep is costly

But there is another extremely important survival skill that is almost always overlooked. In fact, many would not even consider it a skill.

And that is sleep.

Without the proper amount of sleep – and the right kind of sleep – we don’t function well in ordinary circumstances.

It will be far more challenging to carry out our physical activities and mental thought-processing while in survival mode if we haven’t slept properly.

Just one wrong move…

We are going to need all our wits about us and all the physical strength we possess during an emergency.

A lack of proper sleep – both before and after that crisis strikes – will put us behind the eight ball.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that failing to get enough sleep could cost us our lives in a survival situation.

All it will take is one wrong move when we’re trying to survive. And the lack of sleep will make us much more prone to committing that fatal error.

7 reasons to sleep well

Why is the proper amount of sleep so beneficial to us – now and in a crisis? There are many reasons, but let’s just take a look at seven of them.

Sleep is restorative. When we’re awake and active, some of our trillions of cells die. But bodies rebuild themselves at the cellular level during sleep. Then when we’re awake again, we have stronger bodies and minds that are more alert.

Sleep enhances memory. When our bodies fall asleep, our brains stay awake. They have to, because they know it’s the only time we will let them do their memory work. They categorize events from the day and store them in the proper memory slots.

Sleep improves reflexes. Have you ever noticed how much slower you are to react to stimuli when you’re very tired? A well-rested body, on the other hand, usually has sharp reflexes, which come in handy often.

Sleep reduces stress. Sleep deficiency causes our bodies to go into a state of stress. This produces stress hormones and blood pressure issues. A good night’s sleep releases calming hormones (specifically, melatonin and serotonin).

Sleep keeps us positive. A lack of sleep makes many people grumpy, sleepy, dopey… OK, I’ll stop naming dwarfs now. You get the idea. When we’re refreshed following a good night’s sleep, we’re usually in better moods than when we’re drowsy.

Sleeps makes us healthier. People are most prone to illness when they are overly tired. Their bodies just don’t have the strength to fight off infections and viruses. Our immune systems benefit when we are well rested.

Sleep sparks creativity. While some people do their most creative work late at night, most are more creative in the morning following a good night’s sleep. A refreshed brain that has organized memories during the night is ready to produce new thoughts and ideas in the morning.

My secret to getting deep, restful sleep in a crisis

It’s clear that sleep plays an important role in your physical health. From brain function, emotional wellbeing, physical health, daytime performance, to even personal safety.

That’s why regular, good quality sleep is critical for survival in an emergency setting where your body is working extra to keep up with the strain your body endures.

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