Hurricane Strikes Houston Area… Massive, Deadly Flooding Follows

Sometimes all you can do is stare in stunned silence and ask, “Why?”

That’s my reaction as I write these words watching the horrific television and Internet footage of the devastation continuing in the Houston area.

As you are very much aware, Category 4 Hurricane Harvey roared in from the Gulf of Mexico and struck southeastern Texas Friday night. It tore buildings apart as if they were made of cardboard. It endangered the lives of millions.

Had the storm then moved out of the area as hurricanes usually do, the cleanup could have begun. People could have been rescued in a timely fashion.

Emergency teams could have moved in. They could start providing people with the food and water they need. Homes and other structures could have been repaired or rebuilt.

But this storm – now a tropical storm – is different. Much different. This uninvited guest has lingered sending torrents of seemingly unstoppable rain onto an area of the country that is already dealing with historic flooding conditions.

The Onslaught Continues

And the rain keeps coming! And the water levels are still rising! It’s nothing short of a nightmare from which no one can awaken.

Many areas of the Texas coast have already received two feet of rain! And they’re predicting another two feet before week’s end!

Flooded homes have forced at least 30,000 people to pour into shelters. Of course, many more abandoned their homes. Or relocated inland at hotels and the homes of friends and relatives.

Approximately 13 million people are still under flood watches and warnings. That’s all the way from Corpus Christi, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Rescues by city officials and good Samaritans who own boats are going on regularly. As of this writing, nearly 1,000 people have already been rescued.

Federal officials predict that about one-half million people will seek disaster help.

Hitting close to home

Here at 4Patriots headquarters in Nashville, Tenn. – about 800 miles from Houston – we’re dry. But the devastation in the Houston area is hitting close to home for us as well.

We have employees living in southeastern Texas who have been negatively affected. Many of our employees have family members and friends in that region as well.

As you can imagine, there have been many anxious phone calls made to that area. Everyone is seeking news about their loved ones’ safety.

Our hearts go out to those affected by this unthinkable event unfolding in one of our nation’s most populated areas.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have friends or family in that area as well. So you know very well the anxiety and concern we’re feeling.

Part of the Solution

And that’s why 4Patriots will once again step up to the plate to help. As we have done many times in the past, we are reaching out to those in need. We are in the process of making a donation of survival food and water filter bottles.

I promise to keep you posted on these donations. Including which food bank we work with to try to help lessen the suffering of folks in that region.

And as I’ve reminded you many times in the past, there’s only one reason we’re able to do this. And that’s you.

When you make purchases of emergency food, generators, water and air purifiers, and other products from 4Patriots, we set aside some of our income for events like this. We want to help the people who get hit by the next catastrophe to come along. It’s our way of giving back. It’s our way to paying it forward. It’s our way of trying to be good citizens and sharing our blessings with those who need them most.

It’s our way of giving back. It’s our way to paying it forward. It’s our way of trying to be good citizens and sharing our blessings with those who need them most.

Thank you for making it possible!


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