Hurricane Irma Closes in on U.S. Mainland, Promising Catastrophic Results

Oh, my goodness! Here we go again!

Just when things have finally settled down somewhat following Hurricane Harvey. Folks in Texas and Louisiana trying to get their lives back to normal. Now an even stronger hurricane appears ready to deliver a direct hit to Florida.

Hurricane Irma is a monster! As I look at its incredibly wide path, I cringe. My heart skips a beat as I realize how many Americans are going to be devastated by this gigantic, powerful storm.

Irma has already killed at least 14 people on islands southeast of Florida as I write these words. That death toll is certain to rise significantly. It has also destroyed countless numbers of homes and businesses.

And now it’s taking aim on what we have always called “The Sunshine State.”

Miles Away But Close to Home

As with Harvey, once again a storm that is still many miles from our 4Patriots headquarters is about to hit close to home. A number of us live in Florida, all of whom are in the storm’s projected path.

Several of us have spent the last several days evacuating to nearby states including Georgia and Tennessee. In fact, some have come directly to Nashville to be at our main headquarters.

Others have decided to shelter in place. We are praying fervently for their safety.

At least we feel good about one thing. We know that our employees who are hunkering down have stocked up on survival food, water and water purifiers, generators, power hubs and other essential items.

Irma… a Record-Setting Storm That’s Far From Over

According to the National Hurricane Center, Irma is the strongest Atlantic basin hurricane ever recorded! Once a Category 5 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 185 miles per hour, it was downgraded to an extremely dangerous Category 4 storm as of this morning.

Those maximum winds were constant for more than 33 hours. It was “the longest any cyclone around the globe has maintained that intensity on record.” That’s according to Philip Klotzbach, a research scientist at Colorado State University.

It’s difficult to imagine. The diameter of its tropical storm force winds is 300 miles. That’s approximately twice as wide as the entire Florida peninsula!

The square mileage of the tropical storm force winds is 65,000. That’s roughly the same size as Florida. It’s simply overwhelming to think about. And terrifying.

Battering the Caribbean… Taking Aim on Florida

Over the last several days, Irma has devastated the Caribbean with catastrophic damage.

It left Barbuda “barely habitable,” according to the island’s prime minister. The hurricane also crushed the U.S. Virgin Islands, Anguilla and St. Barthélemy.

Irma destroyed 95 percent of the tropical paradise known as St. Martin. Hundreds of thousands of people in Puerto Rico lost power, despite suffering only a “side swipe” from the massive storm. It is now in the process of pummeling the Bahamas and Cuba.

What kind of destruction will Irma unleash on Florida?

Killer Storm in the Southeast… Wildfires in the West

Everybody is talking about Florida, of course. That’s the state expected to take a direct hit from Irma. But this storm is so huge, so powerful, it is expected to wreak havoc on a number of other states.

Among those states in her path are Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, the Carolinas and even as far north as Tennessee and Kentucky. I would not be surprised if this storm establishes a record for power outages and property destruction.

Of course, Hurricane Irma is not the only threat Americans are facing right now. We have many employees, friends and family members dealing with horrific wildfires in Washington, Oregon, California, Montana and elsewhere.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them as well as they try to cope.

The Threats Just Keep on Coming

Yes, the threats are everywhere these days. The extreme weather events and the North Korean missile launches of the past few weeks are a stark reminder to all of us that this is why we prepare.

The potential dangers we warn you about on a regular basis are not idle threats. They are very real.

In fact, many of them are life-threatening. For some people trying to deal with disasters, their lives have been spared for only one reason – they were prepared.

They acquired the most essential items for their survival BEFORE tragedy struck. Items such as…

  • Food4Patriots survival food, with a shelf life of up to 25 years.
  • The Alexapure Pro, which purifies your tap water from the contaminants that are nearly always present, especially during a disaster.
  • The Patriot Power Generator 1500, which can keep essential electrical appliances and devices running during power outages.
  • The Patriot Power Hub, which will jumpstart your dead battery so that you can get out and gather other supplies that you need in a crisis.

Don’t Feel Helpless… There’s One Thing We Can All Do

Hurricanes… wildfires… tornados… lightning storms… blizzards… earthquakes… extreme heat… cyber and physical attacks against the electrical grid… Folks, this is exactly why we are in business!

This is what we do at 4Patriots. We help people such as you prepare for the inevitable crises in life so that you can become self-reliant and protect yourself and your families.

None of us can sit back any longer and say, “It will never happen to me.” As soon as we do, that’s when tragedy will strike and strike hard.

We’ll never be able to control the weather or threats such as North Korea. But the one thing we can control is how prepared we are to deal with emergencies.

Please don’t wait any longer to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.


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