How much does it cost to build a Power4Patriots or other off-grid system?

Video #4 from the Top 10 Questions From Customers Considering or Implementing Power4Patriots

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Allen:  I’ve got a tough one for number 4 for you. You’re going to love this one. But we often get this and it’s a 100% natural question and I completely understand it. I want to get your input on kind of scoping it out, Kriss. The question is, no 4, how much does it cost to build the system.

Kriss:  Great question, and I answer it, probably 20 times a day, our phones rings all the time a  big question I get mails, day after day about that, and there’s no one answer.  What people have to understand is that everything that you want to power off your system means that you need to put more power into the system. So the bigger more loads you have the longer you want to run those loads, more solar or wind power you need.

So what I would say is, for most people who are watching this or tweeting in or really excited about the Power4Patriots system is, I would start small- I would start to build the solar panel and round out a nice solar system that you can use for back up and emergency and get a feel for what solar power and wind power is. And generating your own power to yield the sense of independence that that gives you. So start small and the wonderful thing about solar power is that it’s extremely expandable, you can add solar panels later, you can add an inverter later, you can add on batteries.

So really, it runs the gamut. I mean we have kits, we have the largest selection of solar kits online and we are really, I think, for the world. And we have kits that start at $50, we have kits that are $50,000. So the answer is that it’s all over the place and with this new material that’a in Power4Patriots, we’ve gone through an example calculation for you to figure out just how much solar power you will to run your home. And you can go through that, that’s in the materials now and we are happy to help you do that at SolarSphere as well. And so that’s a great exercise to see just what it takes to run a system, to run a house hold or to live in emergency. We have a lot of people who just want to run a cabin or you know maybe have a system for the camper, an RV, or their boat.

Allen:  Yes.

Kriss:  So that, the calculation and the process of figuring out what that is, is the same for everybody. You just need to know how much power that you’re going to use, for how long and then where you are depends. Like people in Alaska are going to need a lot more solar power than say people in Florida.

Allen:  Yes.

Kriss:  So the new materials that we find in Power4Patriots is going to walk you step by step through this process but that’s the answer unfortunately. I wish I could just say that it’s a $1,000 you will be set but that’s… [laughs] especially Power4Patriots customers know, that’s just simply not true. It’s not just simple but the more work you put into it, the more money you are going to save and competition is  how to do that.

Allen:  Perfect, yeah I think you answered that pretty well Kriss. It’s a very popular and very difficult question to answer generally but I think you’ve explained it well. And the philosophy behind the Power4Patriots system as you said, is to really offer a blue print and a road map for how to achieve off grid independence on a variety of different levels. So you know, start, we always like folks to build the start small with building our own panel. Taking a look at a wind power generator, looking at the solar thermal which is actually passive solar, as you know is a great way to go as well.

Kriss:  Yes.

Allen:  As well as, with our new material which you helped with the contributions, which is terrific -energy efficiency and easy ways to, okay, let’s reduce our load with some easy things that don’t take a lot of time or expense so that we can then offset it with solar and wind power.

Kriss:  That’s right. The energy efficiency is really the long paying root of all this and we really tell people to start there. Reduce your consumption and the money you save in the reduced system cost, from the solar power stand point, can easily pay for the improvements to be done.

Allen:  Yes.

Kriss:  So we talk a lot about efficiency. There’s a whole new section of it on the material about energy efficiency.

Allen:  Perfect. So really to sum up it depends on what your goal is. We’ve recommend starting small, we have a path and the materials for going from zero to a full system both for solar, for wind power, for solar thermal water, for solar hot air and now we’ve got a new section on energy efficiency to kind of tie everything together.

Kriss:  Absolutely. Yes and thermal and solar hot air it get’s ignored a lot by people who don’t think about it. They think about solar power. Because solar thermal is actually probably more bang for thought because you can, especially the solar hot air system. My wife and I are going to put one in this winter. We don’t have one right now, we heat our house with wood but I know people who live in Newfoundland, Canada which probably has lesst sun than anywhere else I know of, except maybe the arctic, and they heat their entire houses with this things and they are extremely affordable. You can build these with stuff probably lying around the house and it generates hot air. It’s really remarkable what these things can do. I honestly can’t wait to build one and I’m going to use the Power4Patriots blueprint …and I’ve been looking for a good one.

Allen:  Awesome, okay. Well, thank you for that answer, that’s super great.


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