How long does it take to build a solar panel using Power4Patriots?

Video #8 from the Top 10 Questions From Customers Considering or Implementing Power4Patriots

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Allen:  Super, let’s move on to question number 8. In your experience, Kriss, about how long does it take to build a solar panel yourself using Power4Patriots?

Kriss:  You know, it depends on your experience. The soldering can be a little tricky for newbies. I would say that first one would probably take you… maybe 2 hours, the first one. And it depends on how big. You can build these solar panels as big as you want, seriously. I think most people go 70 – 130 watts. I think for a that sized panels you can expect an hour to two hours for the first one, maybe 3 hours if you don’t have any experience with this kind of thing. And then from then on, you goes really quickly, you can learn very quickly how this goes.  I think under an hour if you are efficient. I know people who people who are doing that. So the first one will be the toughest obviously, but the after that is gets easy.

Allen:  Yes, that sounds right and that sounds really what our experience is. I think in our instructional videos, it took us about 2 hours to build that panel and subsequent panels were more like an hour or an hour , hour and a half. And…

Kriss:  Yes, and after suggesting people, I’ve recommended Powers4Patriots to a lot of do-it-yourself people and I would suggest setting up your computer, or your TV, right in your workshop and have Brian Clark video right there. I like to read, I love books but I couldn’t really read and build a solar panel. The instructions are great but I loved the video. So I follow right along when I build the solar panels and set the videos right there.  Paused it when I finished doing something or I got stuck or whatever, then I pushed play again. I think that’s the best formula for a successfully building a solar panel is to have to the video playing while you are doing it.
Allen:  Great advice. I think another thing that I would add, and I know you probably believe in this strongly too, is having the right materials.  That’s one of the reasons that we are so happy to send Power4Patriots customers over to you at  Because you have assembled some of the best do-it-yourself kits on the market. Where folks are actually getting pre-tabbed solar cells or getting flux, they are getting all the things that they need to make this work, right?

Kriss:  That’s right. And you can get the framing, you can get the junction boxes, you can get encapsulation materials, everything you need to build a working durable solar panel.

Allen:  Awesome.


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