Household Items You Can Use as Self-Defense Weapons

There are many things I hope for. I hope that an intruder will never enter your house, especially when you are home. I also hope that if an intruder does enter your home when you are there that you have a fully loaded gun handy to protect yourself and your family.

And I hope that if an intruder does enter your house when you are home and you don’t have a gun handy, that you will remember this article about common household items you can use as weapons if necessary.

The most effective self-defense weapon you can find among your common household items are ones that can be used from both long and short range. Two examples are a can of wasp spray and a fire extinguisher.

Either way, aim for the face. And while the intruder is blinded by whatever you’ve sprayed at him, the fire extinguisher makes for a nice blunt instrument with which to render him unconscious.

If you find yourself in close proximity to the intruder, use whatever is handy to stab at him. Hopefully this will be a large kitchen knife, but grab whatever you can, including a smaller sharp knife, a screwdriver or even a pen. Aim for the neck, chest or groin… whichever might be most exposed.

If there is no spray or sharp object in easy reach as an intruder approaches, grab whatever you can. This might be a table lamp, a folding chair or even a boot. You probably won’t disable an intruder with any of those objects, but you might delay him just enough to enable you to run out the back door.

You may find yourself in the kitchen when an intruder enters your home, in which case you’ve probably got a nice arsenal from which to choose. Pots, pans, glasses, dishes, canned goods and the previously mentioned knives could all serve to slow down an intruder enough to allow you to escape.

If you’re in the garage, maybe there’s a baseball bat, rake, shovel, hoe, hammer or can of paint you could grab in a hurry and use to counterattack the intruder.

When an intruder enters your home, you don’t know what he’s up to. But you have to assume the absolute worst. You have to assume that he will rape, torture or kill if given the chance. Defend yourself first – with whatever you can find – and ask questions later. This strategy could save your life.


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