Healthcare Crisis 101 – Lesson 4

So, here we are. The Republicans blow it. Hardly a surprise. You knew it was coming when they started referring to what they were doing as “Repeal and Replace.” That was instead of “Repeal,” which is what they promised for SEVEN years!

My parents would have described “Moderate Republicans” as a “sorry bunch.” They’re the ones who actually wrecked “Repeal.” The failure of the Republican “Leadership” to LEAD us out of this mess should direct our attention to the Democrats… and the perfect beauty of the mess they created.

ObamaCare was a perfect load of FREE STUFF. First, it convinced the States, by the promise of “federal money” (which is still OUR money), to expand Medicaid. They did this by adding a few million people to the rolls who were not previously eligible to receive “free” Health Care. About 30 of the States did this.

Simply “repealing” ObamaCare would leave all these States hung out to dry. Either these State governments would have to start kicking people off Medicaid or RAISE STATE TAXES. And raise them SUBSTANTIALLY. That would be the only way to pay for all this FREE Health Care.

Nobody Wants to Take Responsibility

Do you think any Governors, including Republicans, want to take the heat for pushing grandma off a cliff in her wheelchair? Or, God forbid, for raising taxes? When you’re a Governor, it’s one thing to have the people in your state mad as hell at the President and Congress. It’s quite another to have them mad as hell at you.

Next, why would any Insurance Company agree to start paying the medical bills of people who are already sick? Because ObamaCare promised them they would be “reimbursed” for their losses WITH OUR MONEY.

Further, ObamaCare requires EVERYBODY to buy Health Care Insurance. That includes young, healthy people who would otherwise punt on insurance. It also required EVERYBODY to purchase the SAME coverage… whether they wanted it or not.

Do you know any 40-year-old single guys who would pay for pregnancy, birth control and abortion coverage?

Hey, I’d Gladly Take That Deal!

Say I own a janitorial service. The Government comes to me and says, “Guess what? We are going to pass a law requiring you to clean a bunch of places for free. But don’t worry. We, or rather the taxpayers, are going to pick up the tab.

The law is also going to require EVERYBODY to hire you at your going rate or pay a big fine. What do you think? I’d say, “Gimme a minute to pick up some new mop buckets!”

You repeal ObamaCare, and you hang all the Insurance Companies who depend on the individual market (as opposed to those who provide employer-funded Health Care Insurance) out to dry.

Finally, you have all the hard-working, tax-paying, responsible, self-supporting people who, for one reason or another, had to purchase their own Health Care Insurance. That’s because Group Health Care Insurance or Employee Health Care Insurance was not available to them.

Healthcare Used to Be ‘Affordable’… Not Anymore.

Prior to ObamaCare, coverage was available (except maybe for pre-existing conditions for some period of time). It cost more, but it was still “affordable” for the middle class. They could mix and match coverages, deductibles, co-insurance and co-pays to get the biggest bang for the buck.

ObamaCare has wrecked the individual market for Health Care Insurance. Forget the “subsidies,” another word for Government Welfare Payments.

Middle class people who were standing the strain of membership in the Individual Health Care Insurance Club before are now paying the price for all the new members. And those new members are taking out far more than they are putting in.

Repeal ObamaCare, and the completely artificial Individual Health Care Insurance market it created – which is entirely dependent on government subsidies and promises of loss reimbursement – is highly likely to implode. That will hang all the hard-working, tax-paying, responsible, self-supporting people out to dry.

Repeal ObamaCare, and SOMEBODY is going to get hung out to dry. There is NO WAY AROUND IT! No wonder cowardly politicians, including Republicans, don’t want to do it.

It’s Time to Go Full Circle

Well, I say, restore the status quo ante (which means, put things back the way they were). All those people who mostly vote Democrat will be hung out to dry. OTHERWISE, ALL of us will be.

Then we can forget all these socialist ideas. Government can get out of our private business (like Health Care). The free market can get back to work. And politicians in Washington, D.C. can set about getting out of the way.

Then, a growing economy can enable all the hung-out-to-dry people to get it together, or beg on the street or throw themselves on charity.

Americans have always been big on charity – for the deserving. They are just not big on Government-enforced giving to the undeserving, which is what we got.


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