Healthcare Crisis 101 – Lesson 3

Do you wonder why the Democrats called ObamaCare the “Affordable Care Act” and not the “Affordable (Health) Care (INSURANCE) Act?”

What most Americans wanted was AFFORDABLE Health Care. What Washington promised them was affordable Health Care INSURANCE.


As I have said more than once, ObamaCare was the Democrats’ Plan B to do some if not all of the Left’s “Perennial Objectives”:

  • To “nationalize” healthcare like the Europeans do it.
  • To “Redistribute” Wealth.
  • And to expand how much we depend on the government.

The concept (and its and lame execution) was always just another WELFARE PROGRAM.

And that is the reason the lame Republicans have so much trouble with it.

Conservative Republicans don’t want another WELFARE program. But they are afraid to call a spade a spade. And either “Establishment” (or so-called “Moderate”) Republicans do call it that… or they are stupidly afraid they won’t get re-elected if they cut off welfare.

The Democrats are socialists, liars, and crooks. But they are not completely stupid. They involved the Insurance Industry in the mess to protect against anyone trying to “fix” it.

Here are the principal features of ObamaCare and the Left’s related “Perennial Objectives:”

Objective #1: “Nationalize” Healthcare Like the Europeans Do It

Now they can force EVERYONE to buy health insurance or pay a fine.

Objective #2: To “Redistribute” Wealth

EVERYONE has to buy health insurance or pay a fine. This is simply another TAX. Chief Justice John Roberts even said so.

Objective #3: To Radically Expand How Much People Depend on the Government

Everyone has to have the SAME coverage determined by the Government and purchased on Government “Exchanges.” States have to expand Medicaid. People who can’t afford ObamaCare insurance premiums get taxpayer-funded “subsidies.” Coverage has to be made available to people who are already sick at the same cost.

Allow me to digress for a moment. I want to talk about “Preexisting Conditions.” I’ve spoken on this subject before. The Democrats claim that prior to ObamaCare, people with “preexisting conditions” were DENIED Health Care Insurance coverage.


They were not denied ALL coverage. It was only coverage for costs arising from the preexisting condition. And usually it was for a period of time. Such as one year. If the person were symptom-free for one year, the Insurance Companies would take a risk that the condition had abated.

As I have stressed in Healthcare Lessons 1 and 2, the reason ObamaCare is controversial is not really about Health Care. It’s not even about Health Care Insurance.

It is about WELFARE.

Now some of you have complimented my analysis but criticized my failure to offer “solutions.”

  1. Solutions.

REPEAL OBAMACARE. Get us back to Square One.

The problem with this solution is that Republicans lack the Senate votes to do that. Even IF all 52 of them were on board.

But there’s the “reconciliation process,” which only needs a simple majority. With that they CAN reverse every mandate, remove every tax and fee, and eliminate enough “regulations” to leave ObamaCare an empty shell.

This is what the Republicans SHOULD DO. But they WON’T.

Next, start down the familiar measures already identified to lower healthcare costs: tort reform, streamlining the FDA approval process, etc.

Next, start down the list of measures already identified to reduce Healthcare Insurance Premiums. Most of these measures are designed to increase competition between INSURANCE COMPANIES.

Next, Tax Reform. Put Employers and individuals on the same footing when it comes to Health Care and Health Care Insurance costs, to expand Health Savings Accounts, etc.

All these measures have been on the drawing board for years! THEN, AND ONLY THEN, do we start the debate about who in this Country should get FREE health care. (FREE meaning paid for by somebody else through taxes.) I am willing to concede that there are some people in this category.

This is, of course, a conversation about MEDICAID, which was just another Government Welfare Mess BEFORE ObamaCare. And it’s an even bigger one now. But we can sort through it – just not the way we are going now. The Swamp Dwellers need to stop the BS and face the music.

Or we need to get rid of some more of them, Democrat and Republican alike.


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