Happy as a Fat Baby

When I hear something that is disturbing or controversial, before I get too exercised, I usually heed the words of wisdom handed down by my mother: “consider the source.”

That is why I find much of what passes for “news” these days so frustrating and troublesome. All of it is based on information provided by “unnamed” or “anonymous” sources. That means you have to rely on the credibility of some gasbag who claims to be quoting them, a gasbag who has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to pee on your shoes and tell you it’s raining.

I mean, how would we all feel if we learned that the New York Times’s “White House Source” was the prep cook, who never leaves the kitchen, who got it from one of the maids, or Harvey the Invisible Giant Rabbit? Pretty stupid, I guess.

But that is certainly possible. So, for right now, I’m believing nothing that is said on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC, and only about one-third of what I am hearing on Fox News, and nothing appearing in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times or the Washington Post.

Today’s thing that appears to be true is that President Trump announced our withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, something he promised during his campaign. Now, I have not made much of a study of the Paris Climate Accord and am hardly in a position to offer an informed, intelligent opinion on the President’s move.

I will concede that I have a rather half-baked opinion that the Global Warming Panic has been largely manufactured by jerks like Al Gore, who need a job, and “Globalists” looking for ways to hose the United States, and that a lot of the so-called “evidence” used to alarm everyone has been, in no small part, fabricated. But my judgment about the desirability of our withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord is based entirely on the reaction of others to the news.

Those totally freaked out by President Trump’s announcement and who are in various stages of meltdown include the following (get ready, it’s a long list): Obama, Hillary, John Kerry and every other Democrat; every snowflake in every taxpayer-supported institution of “higher learning” and their professors; every progressive, socialist, communist and all of Hollywood; every gasbag on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC, and every reporter and editor at the New York Times and the Washington Post; Michael Moore, Bernie Sanders, the Dixie Chicks and Elon Musk (the brilliant entrepreneur with lockjaw on the government teat); and the leaders of France, Italy and Germany (and a few other European countries), all of whom have their hands in our pockets and cannot manage their own business, much less ours.

If all of these consider President Trump’s decision a capital offense, then that is a sure indication – to me at any rate – that his decision was a correct one. If they are desolate, in despair, horrified, terrified, angry, disappointed, upset and just generally ticked off, then I AM HAPPY AS A FAT BABY.


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