I’ll give you my toilet tank lid when you pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

As you have probably heard, a newspaper in New York state recently published the names and addresses of local gun owners in a ridiculous attempt to embarrass them. Of course, what the newspaper publisher really ended up accomplishing was humiliating herself and her paper because the only thing she succeeded in doing was letting would-be home invaders know which homeowners in the area don’t own registered guns.

Following a number of tragic shootings by disturbed people in recent months, there has been significant talk about gun control. There are a growing number of people in this country, including ill-informed members of Congress, who are vocally expressing the opinion that stronger legislation against gun ownership will result in a decrease in the number of shootings of innocent victims.

As patriots, we realize how very flawed this “logic” is. Stricter gun control laws will only take guns out of the hands of responsible, law-abiding citizens. Criminals and lunatics determined to go out in a blaze of glory will continue to find guns through illegitimate means and will commit horrific crimes with them. And with fewer law-abiding citizens carrying guns, the carnage could become even worse when these crazies start shooting.

If the government succeeds in taking guns out of our hands, what will our options be for defending ourselves against attackers? Following is a list that I came up after doing some research, and I’d love to hear what you think of it, as well as what other weapons could be used in self-defense inside or outside of your home.

  • Stun gun. If you can get close enough, you can immobilize someone with a stun gun long enough to escape the situation.
  • Pepper spray. Containing a mix of pepper extracts, this agent can temporarily blind an attacker.
  • Survival knife. A very functional weapon that can stop an attacker almost as quickly as a gun can.
  • Crossbow or bow and arrow. An old school way to take down an attacker.
  • Cane.  The long end can be used to strike or stab, while the hook can go around a neck or ankle.
  • Nail file, ballpoint pen or umbrella. Use these objects to stab at the neck, face or groin.
  • Aerosol hairspray or wasp spray. Aim for the eyes.

In addition, following are a variety of items you can use to defend yourself if you’re ever attacked by a home invader: vase, candleholder, statuette, large ashtray, fireplace poker, dining room chair, kitchen knife, frying pan, rolling pin, scissors, canned goods, thick tumbler, mop or broom handle, shower curtain rod, towel rack, toilet tank lid, fire extinguisher, golf club, baseball bat, a key held between the thumb and index finger, and hammers and other tools.


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