Fisher House Foundation Steps in to Ensure Military Survivor Benefits During Government Shutdown

Like death and taxes, government shutdowns are inevitable. They’re going to happen, regardless of who is president or which party controls Congress.

And when the government does shut down temporarily – as it did for a couple of days last week – government employees have to stop working.

In fact, most of them are not even allowed in the buildings where they spend 40 to 50 hours per week.

And there is no guarantee if they will get paid or not.

Somebody Has to Stand Guard

But what about government employees who must continuing working during a government shutdown?

I’m talking about the U.S. military. They can’t take a day off. If they did, our country would be in serious danger from an attacker trying to take advantage of the situation.

More on this in a moment. Including information about how a charitable organization supported by 4Patriots stepped up to help during the government shutdown.

But first let’s take a look at what caused the latest U.S. government shutdown and how it ended.

Par for the Course, Lawmakers Disagree

The government shutdown began at midnight on Saturday, January 20. It ended during the evening on Monday, January 22.

Simply put, Republicans and Democrats needed to agree on a spending bill in order for the government to keep operating.

Not surprisingly, they couldn’t. They probably can’t even agree on what kind of food to have brought in while they’re debating issues.

Among the disagreements was whether funding should be allocated for a U.S.-Mexico border wall. And whether the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration policy should be extended.

Dems “Cave” to End Shutdown

Despite a Senate majority, Republicans could not overcome a Democratic filibuster of an appropriations bill. That started the shutdown.

The shutdown concluded less than 48 hours later when Democrats agreed to end the filibuster. They did this because Republicans agreed to allow debate on the Dream Act.

This Act is a proposal for a process that grants conditional residency to qualifying alien minors in the U.S. Later, after meeting additional qualifications, they can be granted permanent residency.

President Trump called it a “big win” and added that the Democrats “caved.”

“No Guarantee of Getting Paid”

Back to our discussion about the military. Active-duty service men and women – as well as other “essential civilians” – have to keep working during a shutdown. But they don’t receive paychecks.

They still earn money, but don’t get it until a shutdown ends. And even then, a vote determines whether they will receive back pay.

Mick Mulvaney, Office of Management and Budget Director, isn’t pleased with this situation.

“They have to go to work. They will go to work. They will be continuing to guard the country and do the necessary and important work that they’re doing,” he said. “But they have no guarantee of getting paid. And that’s not right.”

Pence Reassures Hard-Working Troops

During the shutdown, Vice President Mike Pence blamed Democrats for “playing politics with military pay.”

Here’s what he said to troops stationed near the Syrian border:

“You and your families shouldn’t have to worry for one minute whether you are going to get paid as you serve in the uniform of the United States.”

He added, “We aren’t going to re-open negotiations on illegal immigration until they re-open the government and give you, our soldiers, and your families the benefits and wages you’ve earned.”

Fisher House Rises to the Occasion

As government employees, our military members don’t get paid during a shutdown. Other benefits lapse as well.

Like Mulvaney and Pence, that doesn’t sit well with Fisher House. This Maryland-based organization operates homes across the country where families of active-duty soldiers and veterans can stay at no cost while their loved one is receiving medical treatment.

And thanks to you and your continued patronage, 4Patriots has been a financial supporter of Fisher House for some time now.

We couldn’t be prouder of their response this past week.

Another Reason to Join Hands with Fisher House

After the recent government shutdown was announced, Fisher House stepped up. They promised to ensure that the families of fallen troops would be paid survivor benefits during the shutdown.

This includes a $100,000 payment that is paid to the families within days of a death.

Fisher House spokesperson Kerri Childress also told CNN that Fisher House was standing by “to support any and all who need help, through (our) network of comfort homes, Hotels for Heroes or Hero Miles programs.”

She added this. “Fisher House is also on standby to help fly families to Landstuhl, Germany or other military hospitals. Because it is not just families of the fallen that will be impacted but also families of our wounded, injured and ill service members.”

We at 4Patriots already knew we’d made a good choice to partner with Fisher House. Now we’re more convinced than ever!


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