Global Warming and Socialism and Regulations, Oh My!

I see that Democrats are ramping up big government’s next major assault on our way of life. These “progressives” are not only trying to turn ObamaCare into a 100 percent government-run healthcare delivery system, but their pathetic foreign policy has lost us the respect and trust of our allies and encouraged our enemies abroad.

This makes us less safe at home. Why else would countries such as Iran, China and North Korea have the nerve to threaten us and try to intimidate us almost daily? Do you think they’d be doing this if Ronald Reagan were our president?

The socialist economic policies the Democrats have forced on us are turning our country into a nation of freeloaders who cannot find a job even if they want one. Their regulatory state is crushing small business, driving big business to foreign countries and generally strangling our economy.

Under Obama’s reign, the federal government, with the aid of a liberal federal judiciary, made huge strides in establishing atheism as the official state religion. As if that were not enough, now they’re proposing to save the environment and turn the federal dogs loose to prevent additional “climate change.”

People who think Al Gore, the “Father of Global Warming,” is a moron are wrong. He is a genius – just not a political genius. He has made millions off his “Chicken Little” routine. The people who gave him the money are the morons.

Guess what? Climate changes. It has always changed. It changed before we showed up, and it changed before we struck oil in Pennsylvania. Just ask the wooly mammoth. These people may have a science degree, but they are not scientists. They are political hacks and a new kind of religious fanatic.

They will not be satisfied until every oil well is capped, every nuclear reactor is shut down, every factory is closed, chicken houses and feed lots are wiped from the face of the earth, and we are living on kale, beets and granola, and doing macramé.

Because we have made some mistakes – and we have definitely made some – they want to reverse three millennia of human progress, starting yesterday. They may succeed. That is why I recommend being prepared.

But do not make the mistake of thinking that the Democrats’ big environmental push has the first thing to do with saving the planet, which may or may not be in all that much danger from us. The jury is still out and will be out for a while.

For Democrats, it has everything to do with asserting government control over the means of production, which, the last time I looked, was the cornerstone of the totalitarian state.

And, unless I miss my guess, we’ll soon see more fines and heavier taxes on those who disagree with them. That’s how they’ll try to crush self-reliant Americans. Pretty soon, independent Americans will be just the vaguest of memories.


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