It’s Getting Curiouser and Curiouser in Washington’s Wonderland

Here are some important updates on a couple of my recent posts:

First, the parents of Seth Rich, the murdered Democratic National Committee staffer, are reported by the usual suspects – CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, etc. – to be threatening to sue Fox News unless it retracts its recent story concerning the results of the examination of Rich’s laptop.

Apparently, the parents are concerned that the suggestion that their son would rat out the crooks at the DNC would ruin his reputation. Must be hardcore Democrats. According to the Leftwing Press/Media, one of Fox’s sources, the retired D.C. homicide detective, is “well known to be a conspiracy theory nut job,” and they also report that “the FBI denies having examined the laptop.”

They omit to say WHO at the FBI issued this denial or even at what level the denial originated. Fox News, in its original story, quoted an unnamed source INSIDE the FBI, who provided very detailed information concerning the results of the laptop examination. Also quoted by Fox News was the “conspiracy theory nut job,” who was, basically, a secondary source confirming that the alleged FBI information was consistent with the results of his own investigation.

Fox News has not retracted the story, nor has it followed up on it. So, what is really going on? Hard to say. Given the implications of evidence that Rich was the source of the DNC emails dumped by WikiLeaks, NOT THE RUSSIANS, I am not surprised at the Opposition Media’s massive efforts to discredit the story by their typical methods, including statements such as “their named source is a well-known nut job” and “our unnamed source denies what your unnamed source said.”

If the Opposition Media is correct, it would mean that a Fox News reporter foolishly relied on information from an imposter – or a bald-faced liar – or made up the story altogether. Which is more likely: that the parents are pawns of the Democrats and the Opposition Media and that all of them are desperate to squash the Fox News story, or that Fox News is purveying “fake news?” Right now, I’m still going with the former. I will keep you posted.

Second, maybe I was too charitable to fired FBI Director Jim Comey. My retired lawyer friend called to tell me that, according to an FBI disclosure made in the Judicial Watch lawsuit on or about April 27, 2017, a Grand Jury had, in fact, been associated with the Clinton Email Investigation in some way.

In a statement just recently filed by the FBI in the Judicial Watch lawsuit, the guy in charge of the investigation, E. W. Priestap, stated that in 2016, “Grand Jury Subpoenas” had been issued for old emails sent and received on Clinton’s now famous “Blackberries.” But they did not produce any results because the dates specified in the subpoenas were beyond the retention period established by the goobers that maintain the accounts.

My guy says that it is certainly possible that some DOJ lawyer issued the subpoenas without resorting to an actual Grand Jury empanelled for the Clinton case. The point is that this is the first mention of a Grand Jury in connection with the Clinton investigations.

If Comey’s flunkies could get a “Grand Jury Subpoena” in 2016, though, why not call witnesses before that Grand Jury? So far, it appears that never happened. My lawyer friend stressed that the FBI has nothing to do with “Prosecution.”

The conduct of proceedings before a Grand Jury, charging decisions and subsequent prosecution are the exclusive province of DOJ lawyers – FBI agents are merely witnesses or advisors to the DOJ lawyers, who do all the talking in the Courthouse, about the evidence.

This revelation about a few unproductive Grand Jury subpoenas does not necessarily change the scenario I laid out. Issuing subpoenas that one expects to come up empty is not my idea of a zealous investigation.

It is just that subsequent developments, particularly Comey’s note-taking concerning Trump and leaking them to the press, have just about convinced me that Comey is a self-righteous jerk who succumbed to a J. Edgar Hoover Complex and that his July 2016 press conference was calculated to mess over Lynch, the DOJ and Clinton, just like his “notes” were calculated to mess over Trump. Now I don’t like Comey at all.


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