Free 3-Month Survival Food Kit Promotion Sparks Plenty of Interest and Comments… See Who Won!

Back in my day, nobody used the term “social media.” We knew what it meant to be social and we knew who the media were (although we usually just called them “the press”). But there was no Internet. And certainly, no way for thousands of people to chime in on a topic at the same time.

Today, of course, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media networks we use for communicating messages and ideas back and forth. Mostly to our friends, but sometimes to others we meet online.

4Patriots has had a presence on Facebook for quite some time now. But we recently decided to try something a little different. We conducted a promotion to give away one of our 3-month survival food kits (normally priced at $497).

(And before I forget, if you are a Facebook user, please “Like” our page if you haven’t already done so. That way you won’t miss out on our next offer. Just click HERE to see our page.)

All anyone had to do to enter the drawing for the 3-month food kit was to “Like” that Facebook post within the time limit. Those who entered were also able to double their chances of winning by making a comment about the post or by sharing it.

Well, we were blown away by the response. Not to mention very flattered by many of the comments.

Feedback from Facebook friends

Here are some of those remarks:

“This is a wonderful company that cares about other people and their ability to be safe, secured and prepared for natural disasters. Great blog tips and products!” – Tammy

“I was shocked by how good the freeze-dried food truly is. If you’ve never opened up a meal to test them, try out one meal and you will be very surprised.” – Brenten

“I have ordered this food before and I was amazed at how good it tasted. Seriously.” – John

“With a family of 8 to think about, this option wasn’t hard to consider. My favorites are the pancakes and maple flavored oatmeal, like my grandmother used to make. The storage bins are a wonderful plus for easy storage and multiple uses. This on-hand supply has given a sense of security to my family as well.” – Michael

“I have over two years’ worth of food because I’m saving for my whole family. We also bought the solar generator and panels for electricity. We also have a lot of the Survival Spring water filters. It will never be a waste of money to keep my family safe and if I don’t need it by 25 years, I can always eat it because it tastes great.” – Debbie

“I am a big fan of 4Patriots. Right after you get the 3-month food supply, you should seriously consider the solar-powered generator at an awesome price. Just sayin’.” – Wayne

“It is important to be prepared when a disaster happens. The shelf life and taste is very good!” – Chris

“Excellent product to have in an emergency.” – Ted

“This stuff is really great!” – Renee

“Thanks for supplying our family with the best service.” – James

And the winners is…

So, at this point you might be thinking, “Well, who won your random drawing?”

The winner of the free 3-month survival food kit was… drum roll please… a gentleman by the name of Dale McCollum.

BTW… Oops, sorry. I got caught up in this whole social media thing and used the initials for “by the way.” As part of our promotion, we included an offer for a free 72-hour survival food kit (all you pay is shipping). It’s a great deal and it’s still going! Just click HERE.


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