How to Flush Out Your Alexapure Pro

Getting Rid of the Alcohol Taste and Smell

Your Alexapure Pro water filtration system has arrived at your front door and you can hardly wait to use it in order to drink delicious, contaminant-free water.

But just pretend that you received it on Christmas Eve and are part of a family that doesn’t celebrate until Christmas Day. In other words, you need to wait a day before experiencing the great taste your Alexapure Pro can provide.

Why? Because in order to keep your water filter fresh and sterile during the time it shipped to you, we had to fill it with alcohol. Now, you could drink from the first couple of batches of water you pour into your Alexapure Pro – it’s certainly safe – but you’re going to get an alcohol taste and smell that might not be all that pleasant.

Just be patient and follow these instructions on how to flush out your water filter so that you can truly experience what the Alexapure Pro can do for you.

Once your Alexapure Pro is fully assembled, here are the simple steps to take:

  1. Remove the lid from the top of the unit
  2. Remove the top portion of the unit, fill it with water and set it back on
  3. Make sure the spigot is in the off position
  4. Allow eight hours for the water to filter from the top of the unit to the bottom
  5. Pour the water from the bottom of the unit into your sink and let it drain
  6. Repeat once or twice more

The reason it takes longer for the water to filter from the top of the unit to the bottom the first two or three times is because of those alcohols. They are thicker than water.

Once you’ve run water through the system two or three times, it’s time to wash it. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Remove the water filter from the unit (this is very important!)
  2. Use warm, soapy water to clean the top and bottom portions of the unit (especially the insides), as well as the lid.
  3. Or, you can run the unit through your dishwasher (but again, make sure to take the filter out first)
  4. Put the water filter back in

Now that you’ve finished with your system flush and cleaning, your Alexapure Pro is ready to use. Make sure to keep it filled with water and use it at least once a week. That will help maintain your water filter and make sure your family has fresh, delicious, pure drinking water at all times.


Alexapure Pro Reviews

Here’s what Robert says about the Alexapure Pro:

“I now have water independence. I can now go to any water and filter out contaminants. The other readers should get one if they want good clean water.”

And this from Tim:

“I use this daily for my family. They love the fresh taste.”

This is from a review by Jo:

“The water tastes wonderful. I don’t buy bottled water anymore.”

And here’s what another Tim had to say:

“Big difference between tap and this water filtration system. Have to try it to appreciate it.”

To learn more and purchase your Alexapure Pro Water Filter, click here.

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