Fending off Irma

Hurricane Irma was the strongest hurricane observed in the Atlantic Ocean since 2005. Peaking at Category 5, Irma killed more than 130 people and caused more than $64 billion in damages. Millions in Florida fled their homes, but those who remained in the Keys experienced the storm of their lives. Fully exposed to Mother Nature’s wrath, the Keys took a direct hit.

Suzanne was one of many Keys residents affected by the hurricane.

“I’ve lived in the Keys for over 17 years,” Suzanne said. “I just love it down here, and the lifestyle and the water. I love being around water. The people here… it has a small town feel. It’s really great.

“What I don’t like about the Keys is the hurricane potential. With Irma, the water was so powerful this time and so driven by the wind. The force of it was amazing. To see the condos that haven’t had that kind of damage in 20 years get four feet of water in every single condo…

“You don’t really think about it when you see it on TV as when you walk the grounds after something like this has happened. And then you see the devastation and it shocks you to see how powerful Mother Nature really can be.”

Many were not prepared for Irma’s wrath, but Suzanne was.

“I was really happy because I had all my 4Patriots supplies,” she said. “The little generators are so helpful. It’s the six days, seven days afterwards where there is no gas, no power, and meanwhile you’re running out of battery on your phone because all your relatives are texting you.

“I was really happy that I had thought ahead and had gotten the products that I needed. Everybody was so excited when I brought the food bin and opened it up and they’re all like, ‘It looks so delicious.’

“And we made the Alfredo and everybody loved it, and they were like, ‘I’d eat that on a regular night.’ And it’s even better because there are no restaurants open because they have no power either. The gas stations are closed so you can’t get gasoline, so it’s not like you can go (look) about for stuff. You have to be ready,”

That’s the key… and not just in the Keys. Being ready for the uncertainties that life throws at us, whether it’s a hurricane or a tornado or so other natural disaster.

“Where we were,” Suzanne continued, “we could not leave because of all the downed trees. So we had to rely on our Alexapure Pro (water) filter, because we couldn’t get more bottled water. It really helped us a lot and I was really glad to have it.”

Before Irma, Suzanne’s neighbors may have wondered why she was so prepared. They aren’t now.

“When I first started carrying (my 4Patriots supplies) up the stairs, everybody was like, “Why are you taking all of this stuff? And I said, “You’ll see.

“And I was so happy to have it and the water tasted great. Everybody was chugging it and I said, ‘Yeah, you know, I’m glad I was ready.’ It keeps us going because it’s long days and everybody’s tired, mentally tired, physically tired.

“And it just gives you the stamina to be able to make it just one more day. And if you can just tell yourself let’s just make it one more day, one more day, one more day, and we’ll get out of this and eventually it’s going to get better.”

For Suzanne, it was already better than many others around her had it after Irma hit. Because she was prepared. Prepared with products from 4Patriots.

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