Patriot Power Cell Frequently Asked Questions

Watch our video on how to use your Patriot Power Cell here:

It’s not surprising that our Patriot Power Cell is quickly becoming one of our bestselling solar devices.

Having a convenient way to ensure your cell phone is ALWAYS charged is not only handy every day, but it can also save your bacon in a crisis.

But some folks have had some questions about how best to use their Patriot Power Cell. So, I thought we’d take a look at some of the most common questions people have about our Patriot Power Cell and answer them right here and now.

First off, here’s a couple of quick things to keep in mind:

We get these 2 questions more than anything else.

1.You have to push the button to turn it on. The unit is not automatically on. If your unit is not working when you first open it up:

  • Make sure it’s charged (If not, plug it in)
  • Turn it on

2. Please know the cord that comes with the unit is not intended to charge your phone or other device. That cord is what you charge the Patriot Power Cell unit itself with. It also works with any USB adapter, including a computer. You absolutely CAN charge it with the sun, it simply takes longer. We recommend leaving it in direct sunlight on a window sill or outside in the light.

Here are some other frequently asked questions asked by our customers…

Patriot Power Cell Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to charge?
It takes about 6 hours to charge using the USB power source, and about 40 hours by the sun. Charge time will vary depending on your conditions.

Will it work in the cold?
The operating temperature of the Patriot Power cell is 14 degrees F to 122. If you need to use your Patriot Power Cell in weather colder than 14 degrees, you should put it in your pocket or find another way to protect it from extreme cold for operation.

My cords do not fit?
Depending on how the customer is holding their charging cord, it may or may not need to go in “upside down” to fit into the slot but should not ever be forced as it may cause damage. Please be advised the two larger slots are for USB ends while the small slot is for the charging cord for the Patriot Power Cell. That center slot is not meant to charge any items.
The cord that comes with your Patriot Power Cell is only for charging your Patriot Power Cell unit. To charge your phone or any other device, use the cord that came with that device.

I am Canadian, why can’t you ship this to me?
Due to the sheer volume of governmental red tape involved in shipping products containing batteries through customs post 9/11, we are only able to ship to customers residing within the USA (including AK and HI) at this time but will be sure to announce if this changes.

What if this product does not work for me?
While we feel that the Patriot Power Cell is the top-rated personal charging device and best value in the industry, if for any reason at all you are dissatisfied just let us know within 365 days and we will arrange for you to return it for a 100% refund – no questions asked.

Power Cell Troubleshooting Guide

Issue: My Power Cell will not turn on!

1.First, if you have more than one Power Cell, are the others working?

2. Have you pressed the power button on the side of the cell?
(Before you do so, make sure the flashlight is at the top and faced away from you. The power button will be at the top, on the left side of the unit)

Issue: My Power Cell is not charging!

1.Have you used the power cord that came with the Power Cell to charge it from an electrical outlet or your computer?
If NO: We recommend you charge it using the AC adapter fully before you use your Power Cell.
If YES: Move to next question.

2. Are you showing any lights on the Power Cell when trying to charge?
If YES: Okay, what lights are you seeing?
One green light: Cell see’s sunlight
One green light and blue lights: That indicates the Power Cell see’s sunlight and is charging.
Solid blue lights when it turns on: Shows how charged battery is. Each light is 25%.

Issue: Cell not charging device

1.Have you used the Cell to charge another device successfully?
If YES: Was it using the same charging cord for that device?
If YES: There may be an issue with the device itself.
If NO: It may be the charging cord itself. If you have another charging cord for the device, try that with the cell to see if it works. It may be the charging cord is damaged.

2. Does the charging cord for the device work to charge it when not using the cell (AC adapter, for example)?
If NO: It may be the charging cord itself. If you have another charging cord for the device, try that with the cell to see if it works. It may be the charging cord is damaged.

Issue: The flashlight doesn’t work

1. Have you pressed the power button for a few seconds?
If NO: In order to activate the flashlight, you must press and hold the power button. Then you can press once to cycle through strobe, SOS, and off.

If these were not able to answer your questions, please contact our helpful customer service team at 1-800-680-8504, and they’ll be happy to help you.

Staying connected in a crisis

Having the Patriot Power Cell on-hand for emergencies keeps your essential electronics up and running in case you need to call for help.

Like Shannon C. Her Power Cell helped a stranger find help:

Love mine! Took it with me on a trip. Was at our hotel and a teenage girl got dropped off at the wrong location and her cell phone was dead. She asked if any of us had a charger. I pull out my power cell. She had a charge within minutes and was able to make a call. My family was impressed especially when I showed the flashlight feature! Won’t leave home without it! Always have 1 in my car, seated in the window charging and one at home charging and ready to go!

Not to mention it’s also pretty darn useful in an airport, on a hiking trip, or anytime you need to make a call or use your smartphone.

It’s not only Navy SEAL-tested, it’s also weather-proof, comes with an attached ultra-bright LED flashlight, powers 2 devices at once and it’s all powered from the sun!

Plus, this pint-sized super “power plant” is finally back in stock. We THINK we have enough to meet demand. But to be safe, you’ll want to grab yours now before they all get snapped up.

Pocket-sized backup power charges from the sun

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