Environmentalists Try to Halt American Progress

So, what are the Environmentalists, Climate Change Alarmists and Liberals really after? Where are they trying to take us? If they had been around a million years ago when our ancestors were learning how to make fire, we’d still be living in caves.

“Hey, don’t fool around with that fire! In the future, our descendants will use it to smoke up the joint.” “Put that dang rock down! You’re disturbing the landscape for future generations.” “Stop messing up the walls with your stick-figure painting. You’re defiling a natural wonder!”

Well, fortunately for us, they weren’t around then, but they certainly are now. It was a long, slow hike for the human race from the savannahs through the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution. But what has the environmentalists’ bowels in an uproar now – when we don’t have to worry about being eaten by sabre-tooth tigers, being enslaved by tyrants or dying from one plague or another – is that humanity’s advancement over the past 200-plus years is taking its toll on the landscape.

The environmentalists who helped put Barack Obama in office proposed to ban energy exploration on 12 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Politicians in Alaska were furious about the proposal, calling it “a stunning attack on our sovereignty” and “a war against Alaska families.” The governor said, “You are taking away our ability to earn a living.”

Technological advances that have dramatically improved the quality of our lives are exposing us to risks no one dreamed of even 50 years ago. Well, you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Certainly we have frequently left the kitchen in a mess, burned a few omelets and wasted eggs, but I’m pretty sure the liberals want us to give up cooking altogether.

Yes, we could do a better job cleaning up after ourselves and we could give more thought to the unintended consequences of some of our brightest ideas. It’s a plain and simple fact that humans arrived where we are today because we capitalized on our ability to adapt to our environment and eventually exploit it to our advantage.

But it is also a fact that human history has frequently been a matter of two steps forward and one step back, at least regarding the natural environment. I believe we are closer to getting it right, but these tree-huggers don’t agree. They won’t be satisfied until we – at least we in America – are sitting around in the dark.

Why America? We led and more or less civilized the entire world in two short centuries. The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq and assorted Radical Islamists, Vladimir Putin, Chinese Communists and that idiot in North Korea don’t like this and don’t like us. I’m not surprised at that. I am surprised that American Environmentalists, Climate Change Alarmists and American Liberals don’t like it and don’t like us. I mean, they ARE us, aren’t they? Well, maybe not.

The advance of civilization – at least Western Civilization – particularly in the last 100 years, is purely the result of an abundant supply of energy. Energy sources and supplies are not only the foundation of wealth and prosperity; they are the foundation of the global economy and the lynchpin of global politics. All this energy came from fossil fuels. Oil, that is.

Suddenly Americans figured out a new and better way to get more of it and caught the Russians and Arabs with their britches and burnooses down. So, why are all the American “intellectuals” down on American oil? As an accountant in Anchorage, Alaska recently said, “If we have the oil here, why not get what we can?”

Why not, indeed?


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