Don’t forget to prep your vehicle for a crisis

Imagine this scenario for a moment.

You’ve stockpiled survival food so that you and family members can eat during an extended emergency.

You’ve stored water and have water purification devices that will keep you hydrated. Your bug-out bag and vehicle trunk are loaded with supplies that will enable you to survive for as long as necessary.

Including flashlights, batteries, emergency radio, first-aid kit and a bunch of others things we’ve discussed many times through the years.

You even have evacuation routes mapped out. And a bug-out location set up containing plenty of other necessities that will allow you to thrive until the crisis ends.

All dressed up and nowhere to go


When you all pile into the car and turn the key, nothing happens. Your car battery is dead. Or something else is wrong with it. Or you’re out of gas.

Whatever the problem, suddenly you don’t have a way out of Dodge. All your planning was important, and you did it well.

But you forgot one very important thing – preparing your vehicle for a bug-out situation.

Just like a bug-out bag sitting in a closet near the front door, your vehicle needs to be ready for a quick departure.

Regular maintenance is key

First and foremost, the way to keep your vehicle ready for its most important ride ever is regular maintenance.

This means regular oil changes, fluid level checks and tire pressure checks. It means battery checks and making sure nothing is leaking.

It also means keeping your gas tank at least half-full. Three quarters full or more is even better.

An evacuation could involve a longer route to wherever you are headed. Depending on the type of emergency, there might be long lines at every gas station. Or station pumps that don’t work.

Keep gas in the tank

But even if you are fortunate enough to avoid a crisis that sends you scurrying to a bug-out location, it’s a good idea to keep gas in your tank. Why? For a couple of reasons.

One, when the pump that runs from your gas tank to the motor is submerged in gas, it stays cooler. It’s less likely to overheat.

Two, driving around when the gauge is close to empty hurts your gas mileage. The fuel pump picks up everything on the bottom of the tank, including sediment and condensation.

That can damage the fuel pump and make your car less gas efficient. Keeping gas in your car prolongs the life of fuel system parts.

Your in-car tool kit

OK, now for what you should have within your vehicle. You want to have an emergency road kit that will help you take care of most potential problems. Included in that kit should be:

  • A floor jack (rather than the one that probably came with your car) and a good spare tire (rather than the tiny tire that might have come with your car) is a great start.
  • A handy device that can jumpstart your battery, such as the Patriot Power Hub. (More on that later). Or at the very least, jumper cables.
  • A gas can with extra fuel. Normally you would store this outside of your car, but you can take it with you in an emergency.
  • A shovel and a mat for traction. Whether it’s mud, sand or snow, you may need help getting your car out of a tough spot.
  • Depending on how skilled you are with cars, additional hoses, fan belts and fuses could be useful.
  • Extra fluids you might need could include oil, antifreeze, windshield cleaner, etc.
  • Navigation tools and maps.

Your in-car survival stash

Communication equipment is another thing you should keep in your car for emergencies.

This would include a cellphone charger and a CB radio or a ham radio. You might be able to use it to obtain road condition information from truckers in the area.

And, of course, you should keep survival items in your vehicle. Including survival food and ready-to-eat items such as food bars, trail mix, etc. Plus water bottles.

But the #1 item I’m always sure to keep in my car is the Patriot Power Hub.

This breakthrough device that can jump-start as many as 20 cars without needing to stop and repower… without any second vehicle or dangerous jumper cables.

Plus, it can power your cell or tablet and has a powerful LED light for safety.

Take precautions now, before the unthinkable happens. Like being stuck in a dark parking lot with a dead car battery, or on the side of the desolate highway

Because having this lifesaver tucked away in your vehicle will give you unshakeable peace of mind. And puts YOU back in control of an out-of-control situation.

Watch a live demo of this one-of-a-kind device here

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