Does an off-grid power system typically increase or decrease the property value?

Video #10 from the Top 10 Questions From Customers Considering or Implementing Power4Patriots

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Allen:  We are on question number 10 and this is: Does an off grid power system typically increase or decrease the property value? I think we got a savvy individual here who is thinking about their investment and I know you’ve got some experience in real estate investing, Kriss. What are your thoughts on that?

Kriss:  Without a doubt, it increases its value. Having your own power source and obviously reducing the power bills, which this system will do, will increase the value of the property. And I do know a lot of this, there’s mortgage and key lock programs out there that will help you to do this. Because the banks, the financial people realize that this helps your property value. So without a doubt, helps the property value. The other thing you can do, the other thing that is happening now is nearly every state in the union has created a property tax exemption for local energy systems.

Allen:  Whoa.

Kriss:  Which means that your property value is going to go up but they will not reflect that in your taxes. So you will actually not see that in your property taxes, so that’s a huge advantage of putting in a system as well. One place you can check on a lot of this information incentives and the property tax, evaluations, things I just mentioned, there’s a website called… it’s kind of hard, am going to spell that out for you, And what it’s basically is, is a database of all these incentive programs, utility programs, municipals state, federal incentive all of the things that will help you pay for the system or give you information on the property tax valuation, things like that.

You simply click in your state and then there’s a list there and look up by your utility. And you will also have the contact information, you will find the utilities, at least the big ones, have an entire department set up just for renewable energy. To talk to customers about, what a customer needs to do and things like that. So that’s a great resource to find out what’s happening in your area  for renewable energy and so on, things like that. And also has the database of energy efficiency. If there’s any incentive there, you can get rebates and stuff for making your home more efficient.

Allen:  Man, that’s awesome. That’s a great resource, so am going to repeat that. That’s for a list of incentives, rebates, efficiency things, all related to off grid renewable energy. Thanks for sharing that.

Kriss:  Absolutely.

Allen:  So that’s cool man. So you’re saying, not only can we be more self reliant, we can save money and we can increase our property value?

Kriss:  Absolutely, that’s a huge advantage and I know a lot of people that are looking for homes now and said that, they are either: a, looking for a home where they can put renewable energy and solar panels and that those houses are more attractive to them, or they are really attracted to houses that are already have and they know the power bills are going to be lower or non existent and that makes it more attractive, so. Everybody is on board with renewable energy. It’s very rare to find somebody that doesn’t like it. So if you’re thinking about re-sell value and general property value, solar and wind it is just going to help it.

Allen:  Man, that’s great.


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