Do You Know What You’re Breathing in Your Home? It Probably Isn’t Healthy!

If you’re anywhere near my age, you might remember a hit song from a group called the Hollies in the early 1970s. It’s titled, “The Air That I Breathe.”

The gist of the song is that when you’re with the person you love, the only other thing you need is the air you breathe.

Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

But I take things a little too literally sometimes. So, I can’t help but think about exactly what it is I’m breathing.

Indoor Pollution Worse Than Outdoor

In many cases, it’s not good. I read a report from the Lung Institute recently that says indoor air is “much more polluted” than outdoor air.

Now, if we spent 90 percent of our time outdoors, that might not be a huge problem. But the fact is, Americans spend about 90 percent of their time indoors.

And that’s on average. During winter months, the percentage is even higher.

Indoor air contaminants can lead to symptoms such as fatigue or trouble sleeping, waking up sneezing or with itchy eyes, having wheezing or coughing fits, and even just never feeling “quite right.”

And it’s an even bigger concern if you’re dealing with pneumonia, asthma, COPD, or other respiratory issues.

Spoiler Alert: Keep reading because I’m going to give you ways to improve the air quality in your home.

Your Home Is a Haven for Contaminants

One of the biggest problems with indoor air quality during the winter is we have our windows and doors closed a lot more than during other seasons.

So, all those contaminants get trapped inside. The Environmental Protection Agency says that some health effects may show up shortly after a single exposure to a pollutant.

And yet we breathe them, in and out, over and over again. Day after day, week after week, month after month.

Here’s a picture of corroded air ducts that are commonly found in even tidy homes. It’s enough to make you queasy:

What happens is that over time, layers of dirt, dust, debris and allergens build up inside air ducts. That surface dust is a haven for bugs such as dust mites.

Then every time the air conditioner or furnace kicks in, the nasty airborne buildup blows into the rooms where your family is relaxing, eating, talking or sleeping.

You Name It, We Breathe It

According to a study from Environmental Health Sciences, your home’s air could have 500 different pollutants in it.

Among other pollutants that invade homes and offices are volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They can be found in household cleaners, cosmetics and paint.

Other pollutants are black mold spores that can cause fungal lung infections. Not to mention antibiotic-resistant viruses, including H1N1 influenza, SARS and tuberculosis.

Toss in bacteria that weakens the immune system; chemicals including formaldehyde; and even fecal bacteria.

No Wonder We Feel Lousy!

After a while, we realize we don’t feel too great. We get congested. We cough and wheeze.

Our eyes get itchy and we get headaches. We’re tired, but we have trouble sleeping. We just feel “off.”

And for some, the health consequences of breathing contaminated air are a lot worse than feeling “out of sorts.”

8 Ways to Combat Indoor Air Pollution

Fortunately, there are some things we can do to improve the air quality in our homes.

Here are eight of them, including a few from the Lung Institute:

  • Dehumidify. Dust and mold love humidity, so get rid of it. Fix water leaks before mold can grow and use your exhaust fan when cooking. The EPA recommends a range of 30 to 60 percent humidity in the house.
  • Choose the Right Candles. If you like lighting candles in your home, use beeswax candles. Traditional candles can release pollutants. Beeswax candles help reduce toxins.
  • Stock up on House Plants. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. NASA recommends the Peace Lily. Ferns, spider plants and aloe vera are also effective.
  • Change Your Air Filters Regularly. You don’t need expensive filters for your furnace. Some experts recommend less expensive filters because they allow for better airflow.
  • Keep it Clean. Dust, vacuum and mop regularly. If you steam clean your carpets yourself, use a mixture of white vinegar and water. A vinegar solution on hard floors works great, too.
  • Keep Smokers Outside. Smoking is deadly and secondhand smoke is just as bad. Tell smokers to take it outside.
  • Avoid Using Aerosols. Many of them contain phthalates, which can negatively affect hormones. Artificial sprays, plug-ins and fragrances are filled with chemicals that you don’t want to inhale.
  • Open Windows. Nearly every winter there are at least a handful of days when you can let some outside air in without making the furnace do extra work. Use ceiling fans as well.

The Best Solution

All of those suggestions will give you some relief. But there is 1 easy step you can take to help that might surprise you.

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