Do you have a crisis mindset? You should!

I suppose it’s fitting that some folks get a black eye on Black Friday.

Every year we hear about the mayhem that occurs in big box stores on Black Friday. With a limited number of big-ticket items on sale, people line up at these stores hours in advance of their openings.

Then they rush the doors and race toward the items they want. And that’s usually when the violence starts. Pushing, punching, kicking… all over getting a few bucks off an over-priced item.

Or all over getting a limited-edition toy for their child that a few months later the kid will have completely forgotten about.

But today’s topic is not really about Black Friday – even though today is Black Friday – and it’s not about offering the best methods for securing that rare toy that has people on social media all in a tizzy.

Just imagine when every day is Black Friday

Here’s what it’s about. If people are willing to get in fights and risk serious injury over a luxury item like a toy or a TV, just think what they will do if they have no food when the food supply chain breaks down following an emergency.

And unlike with Black Friday, which everyone knows ahead of time when it will be here, emergencies are not planned. They happen out of nowhere.

Suddenly a crisis occurs and everyone rushes out to get food and water and flashlights and batteries while they’re still on the shelves. But food, water and other emergency supplies don’t stay on shelves for long

The shelves empty quickly. And while they are in the process of emptying, there’s all sorts of potential for violence as people scramble and lunge for the last few items.

Again, if people will do serious harm to others in order to get a TV or a toy at a reduced price, they’ll do a lot more to get food to feed themselves and their families.

Don’t put it off any longer

You may be able to plan your Black Friday strategy. But it’s a lot more difficult to plan what to do after an emergency occurs that you weren’t prepared for.

On the other hand, it’s a lot easier to have everything you need in an emergency situation if you plan in advance.

That means having at least the bare minimum on hand in the event that a crisis occurs. Such as a blackout, water contamination, food shortage or gas shortage. Or all of the above, for that matter.

People don’t wait until it rains to put a roof over their heads. And they don’t wait until they run out of gas to put gas in their vehicles. So why do they wait until there’s no food available to buy?

The crisis mindset that we all need to get into our heads is that an emergency will happen. It’s just a matter of when. So, we need to be prepared for it.

What to stockpile immediately

Here are nine tips for what to stockpile for the inevitable crisis that’s probably headed your way:

  • Non-perishable survival food with a long shelf life
  • Bottled water and a water purification system
  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Fire starters
  • Emergency hand-cranked radio
  • Basic tools (hammer, nails, screwdriver, screws)
  • First-aid kit
  • Solar-powered generator
  • Weapons for self-defense

High-risk states for Black Friday violence

By the way, we at 4Patriots are well aware of Black Friday problems. According to, Tennessee is ranked No. 1 for high risk of Black Friday violence. That’s where we’re based.

Number 2 for Black Friday violence is Arkansas, followed by Alabama, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Missouri, Alaska, South Carolina and West Virginia.


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