Do I need a permit/license for Power4Patriots and how do I find out?

Video #5 from the Top 10 Questions From Customers Considering or Implementing Power4Patriots

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Allen:  Let’s move on to question number 5, we’re about half way home here. So we are doing real well. And this is also another common question. And the question is, do I need a permit or a license to do this project and how do I find out if I do or I don’t?

Kriss:  Great question. And it kind of goes back to the previous answer of how big you are going to go. If you’re going to build a solar panel and connect a battery and start small and run small little loads with it. You don’t need a permit – it’s not worth the hassle of getting a permit. I bet if you went to the permit or building permit office and you told them what you’re going to do, they’ll probably say yes, they will always say yes, they always want to look at everything.  I think ththe Power4Patriots customer knows, the less we have to deal with that, those kind of folks, the better. [laughs]

Allen:  Amen. [laughs]

Kriss:  But if you’re going to connect to the grid, unfortunately the answer is always, yes, if you need that. But I really suggest that people start small like we talked about; build the panel, build  a little wind generator and go that route and don’t bother with the building permit. If you want to go completely off grid, you probably have to get a building permit. You know, we live pretty remotely, we live on a lake in the middle of the mountains so, this entire part of the county has maybe 1000 people.

Allen:  Okay.

Kriss:  And so we can probably get away with it. But there’s not a lot of authority out here to be honest. We are very rarely see even a sheriff or like those kind of folks.  If you’re looking at building a cabins, something like that, no, you probably don’t need to get a permit for this.   And the great thing about this is that you don’t need to run a power line anywhere. So people might not never know your back there [laughs] that is, if you are out in the woods.

Allen:  Yes.

Kriss:  And it felt a lot of people do exactly that, and getting off the grid is not just power the power grid but off the grid financially and, you know, just away from all the government interference. So there’s ways to do that, but if you are typical in the city, in the suburb, you want to connect to the power grid, you are going to need that permit and you’re going to need to use the manufactured solar panels.

Allen:  Yes.

Kriss:  Our authorities really don’t want the home made solar panels. But that’s another reason just to start small, start with a little system and start with some small electronics.

Allen:  I think that’s a great answer and you know we really…Folks,  if you’re a Power4Patriots customer, make sure you read closely the disclaimers and the advice at the beginning of all the written material because, as Kriss said, the system we’re advocating folks start off with, is an off grid system that does not connect to the convention power supply.


And anytime you do connect to the power conventional power supply, you are going to need an electrician to handle it. You are going to need a permit license and probably, you are going to need, what’s called a UL listed,  pre made professional panel to tie into that system. You don’t need that if you are starting small, you’re building a few panels to power your garage or supplement, your existing load. So that’s where we recommend people to start. Because you’re just going to run into interference as you go along, right?

Kriss:  Absolutely. And we do have do-it-yourself grid tie-in systems with manufactured panels and what are called microinverters –  I don’t want to get too detailed into this -But you can do your own grid tie system, you just need that permit, and you need an electrician to be the final connection. But you can do 90% of the work yourself, save a bunch of money. And I would suggest if you’re goal is really just to reduce power bills and you’re not really concerned about the black outs so much, you can use a simple grid tie system yourself or we can connect you with professional. So that’s in the realm of possibility,  you’re just not going to get the benefit of all the black out protection.

Allen:  Right.

Kriss:  We have a grid tie system that’s exclusively a grid tie- which is basically a solar panel and an inverter that goes to the grid. If the grid goes down, the solar panel gets shut off. Because they don’t want solar power or any power being sent off back under the grid when it’s supposed to be shut down and probably then on working power lines and stuff like that, so.

Allen:  Yes. Okay, good. Hopefully we answered that, again the short answer is it depends. [laughs]

Kriss:  Unfortunately that’s a lot of answers in solar power.

Allen:  Yes.

Kriss:  But the other answer is, that I’m told about is “anything is possible”.

Allen:  Perfect.

Kriss:  You can actually power anything, anywhere with solar panel, that’s one of the great things.

Allen:  Perfect. And in the same, you know, we refer to solar power a lot. It really holds through for wind power as well, right?

Kriss:  It does. People, you know, with power and it’s consistent in some places, but actually you know, we have the 400 watt wind generator at our home and it paid itself off much faster than the solar power because it was much less expensive.

Allen:  Okay, perfect.


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