Disasters Come in a Wide Variety of Shapes, Sizes… Be Prepared for All of Them

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was only one potential disaster in our future and one simple way to prepare for it? We’d all know exactly what might be coming our way and we’d know exactly what to do. If that were the case, just about everybody could consider themselves “preppers”.

Emergency scenarios are most commonly caused by extreme weather. This could be a devastating hurricane if you live near a large body of water or a life-threatening tornado. It could be flooding caused by heavy, long-lasting storms, or it could be a massive snowstorm that shuts everything down around you.

Or maybe earthquakes, high winds, dust storms, monsoons, wildfires and well, geez, what else? All signs point to having a way to handle a power outage, lack of clean water and having the ability to cook food without power for a period of time.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of other catastrophes just waiting to happen. Our electrical grid is especially aged and vulnerable, and could leave us out of power for an extended period of time. Extreme weather could be the cause, but physical and cyber attacks against the grid are perhaps just as likely to be the reason that we are thrown into darkness.

And don’t forget about an electromagnetic pulse, which could occur from a massive solar storm or a terrorist attack involving the detonation of a nuclear device high above the Earth’s surface. Either way, if we are without power for a lengthy time period such as up to a year, it’s very possible that 90 percent of Americans would die… all because we don’t have electricity, and despite the fact that people lived full lives for centuries before electricity was a common part of life.

Based on everything that has been happening over the past couple of years, it’s very likely that a major water contamination could send the country reeling. They’ve found exceptionally high levels of lead in Flint, Michigan and elsewhere. Lead poisoning can kill, and at the very least it can result in children having learning disabilities, shortening of attention spans and anti-social behavior.

They’ve discovered unsafe levels of uranium in the West and Midwest. That stuff is used in nuclear fuel for power plants and atom bombs. Even government authorities admit that long-term exposure to uranium can damage kidneys and raise cancer risk.

They’ve identified unhealthy levels of metals such as iron, zinc and copper in various parts of the country. Iron can increase the hazard of pathogenic organisms. Zinc can cause asthma-related symptoms, blood disorders and changes in thyroid function. Copper is dangerous for people with certain metabolic disorders.

No matter where you go, the water coming out of faucets is proving to be unsafe for human consumption.  And do you trust the government when they tell you that certain chemicals are safe if they are limited to, say, .004 parts per billion? Researchers have responded by saying that those regulations are not nearly strict enough to keep people safe.

That’s not surprising. The government is in bed with the companies that pour their chemicals into our drinking water, so they couldn’t care less how many parts per billion there are in any of the countless contaminants found in your tap water.

Of course, there is also the distinct possibility of an economic collapse. We got a small taste of that beginning in 2008 when the country plunged into a recession. It wasn’t so  “small” for the many Americans who lost their jobs and lost their savings, but it was tiny compared to the long-term devastation that could occur from a full economic crisis that could require a decade or more from which to bounce back.


We know that a disaster will bring shortages of food and clean drinking water, so make sure you stockpile emergency food with a long shelf life and water purifiers. We know the electrical grid is going down, so get yourself a reliable generator in order to keep the lights on and the heat or air conditioning running.

Nobody has ever said it better than the Boy Scouts of America: “Be prepared.”

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