Will my Power4Patriots system still work if a natural disaster or terrorist attack takes down the conventional power grid?

Video #3 from the Top 10 Questions From Customers Considering or Implementing Power4Patriots

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Allen:  Lets move on to question No. 3 that we’ve been getting from customers: You actually alluded to this a little bit with after doing this interview some of the recent news in the last week or so, there was that storm that knocked out power to 3 million homes on the East Coast and going into the Mid West.

So this question is a great one given this timeliness, the question is, “if a natural disaster or terrorist attack takes down the conventional power grid, will my Power4Patriots system still work?”

Kriss:  Absolutely, and that’s one of the biggest advantages of a system like this – is that when you’re independent of the grid or when you have back-up system that is independent of the grid, it doesn’t really matter what’s going on with the grid, so the answer is absolutely yes, now again how much you’re able to run and power depends on how big of a system you have, I get questions everyday of how many solar panels do I need to and there’s more to it -the batteries, you need the charging controls and stuff like that and Power4Patriots goes into great detail on all of those stuff on it.

But yes, terrorist attacks, all of that stuff, you’re very well insulated from all that with this system.

Allen:  Yes and I think point was really driven home recently where these folks, through no fault of their own, even if they weren’t directly in the storm area lost power because of the breakdowns in the conventional power grid.

Kriss:  Yes, and those folks are not, like you said, they’re not in the traditional blackout and brownout zones, we’re used to that alot – seeing that in California and places where they have really kind of strict environmental control – they’re not building enough power plants but the places where these blackouts recently happened I have never heard of blackouts happening there, so just shows you that this system that’s supposed to be super reliable and is supposed to be serving all of our power or everybody else’s power if I should say, is really breaking down, it’s extremely antiquated and it’s extremely susceptible to that.  If terrorists, or really anyone, wanted to take out a big chunk of the country’s communication and power it would not be very hard, a couple of well placed attacks will really shut down a huge swaths of the country and I really don’t think most of the people in this country are prepared for that.

They don’t have the preparation mind set but I think a lot of the Power4Patriots customers do and I think that’s one of the great thing about this community is that they realized that this can happen.

Allen:  Yes I will agree, I think the folks who are interested in this and our customers are 99 percent more prepared than most folks, and this its just awesome because you’re right, we’re just talking about kind of run of the mill natural storms, once you start throwing in the threat of a terrorist attack or I’ve been reading alot on Glenn Beck and Infowars about EMP attack which I’d never heard of before and you just add that to the equation and preparation goes along way, so.

Kriss:  Absolutely.

Allen:  Okay, great thank you for that answer.


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