Cop Under Fire Book Review

David Clarke was not your typical county sheriff.

A speaker at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio that nominated eventual President Donald Trump, the then-Milwaukee County sheriff blamed “liberal policies” for the rioting that has occurred in U.S cities told citizens they should arm themselves for protection.

Prior to his retirement in September 2017 at age 61, he was a frequent guest on Fox News. It’s not surprising that a man known for “telling it like it is” does not shy away from “writing it like it is.”

That becomes obvious when one starts reading his book titled Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime, & Politics for a Better America.

Clarke traces his life history in this riveting book. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1956 as one of five children. His father had been a paratrooper with the 2nd Ranger Infantry Company. Clarke attended Marquette University High School.

The former sheriff not only understands and explains the problems America faces in his book, but shows a way out of them. He acknowledges that the country has become increasingly divided and polarized in recent years. He admits that with growing racial tensions, animosity toward law enforcement professionals, government corruption and disregard for the constitutional process, there appears to be no way out.

But he also explains the direction in which we need to turn in order to do something about the dire situation. He says we must stop blaming others; look at our problems with open eyes; take ownership of our family, community and country; and turn to God for solutions.

Clarke’s book is not a history lesson regarding what has gone wrong in America regarding race relations. Rather, it’s an intelligent examination of the issues that deeply affect us today – both personally and politically – as well as an explanation of how we can rise above our current troubles to once again be a truly great people in pursuit of liberty and justice for all.

Prior to his retirement, Clarke was accused on more than one occasion of mistreatment of prisoners in his jails. He did not issue a reason for his retirement.

This volume features a Foreword by Fox News host Sean Hannity, who says, “The principles Sheriff Clarke stands for are the same principles this nation was built on. He’s much more than the (former) Milwaukee County Sheriff. He’s America’s Sheriff… and Cop Under Fire is a must-read for people who love this great country.”

Here’s what some others have to say about Clarke’s new book:

“Clarke is a unique voice today: fearless in his contempt for political correctness and eloquent in his articulation of core American values.” – Heather MacDonald, author of The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe

“David Clarke provides a much-needed voice of reason in tackling America’s challenges. He speaks his mind, and his no-nonsense approach to law and order is exactly what we need to make our country safer.” – Chris Cox, Executive Director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action

“Even in a predominantly liberal community, his message of law and order, accountability and self-empowerment resonates. He is one of America’s most important cultural voices.” – Mark Belling, WISN-AM (Milwaukee) talk show host


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